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I was thinking about adding an online class with Chemistry next semester. I'm taking Chemistry on campus. I work 40 hours and have a 7 and 4 year old. Do you think Psychology or Sociology would be... Read More

  1. by   onetallgirl
    What kind of Chemistry is it? Is it just general Chem? Our chemistry series was a combo of Chem/Biochem/Organic Chemistry, without a lab (the lab portion was in the second semester). It's tough because of the breadth of course material, but manageable. I took 8 units and manage a farm & work retail one weekend a month (sans kids).

    If you have a lab, it will be tough, and stoichiometry sometimes gets students confused and lost really quickly if you don't have a professor that breaks it down. I took a General Chem years prior so it was easier for me, but a lot of my classmates didn't get it (one of which is taking a Gen. Chem again and FINALLY got a handle on the electron energy levels, in her defense our teacher glazed right over that subject!).

    Also, to note, just because an online class is online, doesn't mean it's easy. Most teachers, and my personal experience, the class is way harder than anything you take on campus purely because they figure you have all the time in the world. I took a sociology class that was "intergenerational experiences" and it was tough. If you're able to plan it out, so that you are on campus at the same time with back to back classes. I'm taking Intro to Psych this semester with Anatomy and they end up reinforcing each other, and psychology is ridiculously easy with my professor.
  2. by   Cherry02
    I would take psych with chem. Maybe not the accelerated one since you work 40 hrs a week, but I don't think those 2 classes together will be a problem.
  3. by   7237dallas
    Thanks for all the responses ladies It's really nice to get feedback from people who have "been there."
  4. by   OwlieO.O
    Chemistry is so easy. Honestly, it's a peace of cake. You should be able to get an A in chemistry with your hands tied behind your back.
  5. by   ArrowRN
    IF this is your first chemistry class, i.e General Chemistry with lab and the never took chemistry like ever, I would take it alone. I seen many of my peers grades suffer by thinking Gen Chemistry was easy, for me it was, but I'm a geek and I took Chem in highschool. The easier course to take it with would be Sociology, Psy is doable but not accelerated, you would feel too swamped.