What are the basic pre rec requirements?

  1. I have taken...
    Comp and lit 1and 2
    Psyc 101
    But the only math i have taken was pre algebra and the only science I have is earth science back in high school 12 years ago. Are there pre recs for the pre recs (A&P or Micro?) or can I just take them?
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  3. by   monica427
    It varies school to school. I suggest you look at the specific requirements of the nursing programs that you're interested in. I'm in Atlanta and will only be applying to local programs, but even still each one has some minor differences in what they require. Some require human development while others want abnormal psychology. Even still different schools have different prereqs for individual classes. I'm taking my prereqs at a community college and chemistry is a prereq for A&P while that's not the case at the 4 year college down the road. Even still A&P can't be taken with micro (same semester) but plenty of other colleges allow that. Basically, check into each school before you map it all out. It can get mighty confusing!
  4. by   princesax11
    It really depends on your school. The nursing program you want to go to should have a list of prereqs. For my school you have to have bio done before you can take a&p or micro.
  5. by   zoe92
    For the schools I applied to, I have to take intro psych, intro sociology, developmental or life span psyc, intro biology, a & p 1, a & p 2, microbiology, intro chemistry, nutrition, intro english, a writing course, college algebra & statistics. I have taken various electives too because I am applying for different BSN programs. Your first step is to look at your schools pre reqs & what classes you must take to get into pre reqs.
  6. by   CT Pixie
    pre-reqs for A&P I at my school was College level Algebra and chemistry and general bio.
    pre-req for A&P II was A&P I
    pre-req for Micro was A&P I

    as the others have said, what you need to take prior to applying to the nursing school and/or before taking A&P and Micro depend on the school. Check with the school website and see what pre-reqs they have for A&P, Micro and the required classes to take prior to applying to the nursing program.
  7. by   AspiringNurseMW
    It really depends on the school. I am looking at 2 different CUNY schools and even they have different requirements. City Tech only requires 4: English, Math, A&P1, and Psych (with a pre-req of Bio for A&P1) plus Kaplan Entrance Exam

    But Medgar Evers has about 8/9- A&P 1&2, biology , chemistry, 2 english, 1 math, and psych plus the NLN entrance exam.