Wedding Help!

  1. Hi Ya'll!

    I start my nursing program in a few days and one of my good friends set her wedding date.
    Unfortunately her wedding will be right in the middle of the semester. Due to traveling I would have to miss a day of school to go to her wedding.
    I am not one to miss school for anything (I have never missed a day of school) but this is her wedding!

    Has anyone dealt with something like this? Would I regret not going to her wedding?
    If there is an exam that day would it be possible to take it beforehand? What happens if I miss a day of clinical?

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  3. by   Rionoir
    Obviously you have to ask your professors and not a forum. But I assume you won't get special consideration for a friend vs immediate family.
  4. by   Guy in Babyland
    It may be possible to miss a normal lecture day. Most schools have a two clinical absence policy. If you miss a clinical day for the wedding and then get sick another clinical day, it may be a clinical failure. Most BONs have a policy for number of clinical students one instructor can supervise (ours was 10), so it may be difficult to pre-arrange to have clinical with a different clinical group. It is unlikely that you can take a test early or after your trip. The problem would be that you have access to all the questions on the test before the rest of the class and have the possibility to give your classmates the questions on the test.

    All of these possibilities are school dependent and would need to be addressed with your instructors.
  5. by   Ambersmom
    Speak to your professor at the start of classes, let s/he know you have an event previously scheduled that you cannot miss. Make sure that you maintain good grades, if its a lecture day make sure to get notes beforehand. If its a clinical day explain to your professor and clinical instructor, and remind them before you miss the clinical. Most important of all, make sure you are performing well. Instructors and Professors are far more forgiving of a student who is not in academic danger missing a clinical than a poorly performing one. Good luck.
  6. by   CrunchRN
    A well placed white lie is useful. During my Medsurg (5th quarter) I ran off to Cancun with my husband. I told them I had a sick family member in Florida. I took my books and studied on the beach