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I am 32 years old. I was always interested in nursing, but when I graduated High School it was a decision - nursing, which I did not have the grades for (hey, we're all stupid when we're 17) or the... Read More

  1. by   shavsha
    Don't let fear and doubt keep you from following your dreams. 95% of success in school is desire and perseverence. You have suceeded in your previous jobs which is a good indication that you will be successful in nursing school too. And remember you don't have to be a straight A student to be an excellent nurse! Your response to the nurse that inspired you shows you understand the essence of good nursing...so go for it! And about that math. Start out with the basics and move along. Even if you have to repeat a class or two...do it. It will be so worth it. Keep us updated and good luck!
  2. by   zudy
    Worthy, do you know what they call the person that graduates at the bottom of their class in medical school? DOCTOR. But really , it sounds like you are doing this right, taking 2 prereqs now is a good start. If this is something you really want, you can do it! Surround yourself with positive people that will encourage you.(like here at allnurses!) Good luck, keep us informed on what's going on with you. zudy
  3. by   Worthy
    I have a question!

    What sort of math should I be brushing up on?

    I am meeting with a potential tutor tonight and she will want to know what I want to learn, I am sure!

    She is not a nurse, but is affordable (Free! Friend of husband) and is an advanced high school math teacher.

    Since some days I feel my math is at grade 3 level, I figured she could help me get a head start.

    Forgot to mention - Worthy is my horse's name. I figure I will have no problem with the "gore" quota of nursing - I give IM shots to her, vet visits, witnessed surgeries etc on other horses - people can't be much different, right?!? (kidding).

    Also have a diabetic cat!!! Syringes are my life Never wanted to be a vet though. I love my horse, but animals can't say thank you, nor tell you what is wrong.

    Wow, I'm so glad I found this bb...just goes to show you what a search on MSN can find you!
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  4. by   researchrabbit
    Originally posted by Worthy
    I have a question!

    What sort of math should I be brushing up on?

    I am meeting with a potential tutor tonight and she will want to know what I want to learn, I am sure!

    She is not a nurse, but is affordable (Free! Friend of husband) and is an advanced high school math teacher.
    Basic algebra is what you will need, those equations where you find X.

    Also converting from one system of measurement to another.
  5. by   Vsummer1
    You should get a book on dimensional analysis (the factor method I think is the old name). They have two I have heard of "Math and Meds for Nursing" and "Dimensional Analysis for Meds".

    Frankly, algebra may help a bit but these books will teach you all you need to know without the extra stuff you don't need to know. The books start out with a review of the basic math that you will need, so all the stuff from the beginning is right there.

    You will need conversions from metric, apothecary, avoir du pois. Memorize the conversions first, because you can't do the math problems without them. You will need to know fractions and decimal conversions. Either of these books will go over that as well as all the abbreviations and lingo.

    Perhaps you should contact the program you plan on entering and find out which text they use?
  6. by   Rustyhammer
    Welcome to the boards!
    If you have seen some of the nurses who I have worked with (and I'm sure others will attest to this) I'm sure you will do fine.
    You present yourself well here and are not afraid to ask for help and advice and THAT is half of it!
    Good luck in school.
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  8. by   Hidi74
    Hi worthy and WELCOME!!!
    I was an awful student in high school, when I went...lol. When I decided to go back to school to be a nurse I was so very scared of the math. I decided to face my fears head on and take all my math first and get it over with. WOW, Its amazing as an adult how much easier it is . Its all in desire. If you want this.... it will happen. I found out I was doing this stuff every day and diddn't even know it. Not only did I actually enjoy math I aced it and suprised my self. The fact that you are worrying about it and already taking steps to learn more shows you will succeed.

    Good luck and remember you always have all of us here if you need help! If you have any questions once you start the math courses PM me and mabie I can help ya!!!

    You might also try starting in developmental math classes. I did that and gradually worked my way up to college algebra. Glad I did! I would have been lost There!!!

    Hidi74 Future RNangel
  9. by   GPatty
    Worthy? Yes, you are. We all are if that is the dream we desire.
    As far as the Math, I had to take Algebra twice in order to pass and I still got a C. Then in Algebra II, I passed with a B.
    There are tutors and learning labs at almost every campus...make use of them, I certainly did!
    You can do anything you set your mind to....anything...
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    Welcome to the board. Glad to have you. A word of encouragement to you. When I take my kids to the movies, in the previews they always show a quote from George Burns. In the quote he says " I would rather be a failure at something I love than to be a success at something that I hate." You will never be happy if you want to be a nurse and you don't go for it. Don't let the math get you down. My dad always told us that taking a class more than once to get to your goal was ok. Giving up on your goal is not ok. Go for it. You have everything to gain.
  13. by   adrienurse
    Hello fellow Canadian!

    You definately have the drive to become a nurse. Why not start out in the RPN program and then work your way to RN. Math is not my strong point either, lots of excellent nurses that I know seem to say the same thing. You jave no doubt matured a lot since highschool, why even go by that when measuring what you are now. I had difficulty reaching reaching my math requirement to get into nursing when I was in grade 12. Instead of quitting, I did the opposite -- I loaded up on all the math courses. I made myself take calculus and advanced math and practiced, practiced, practiced! I ended up with 75% in the regular math course.

    You can do it!