Waiting List...

  1. I received a letter that I was in the waiting list for the LPN program at the school I wanted... I got the same letter last year and I missed it by 1 point... :/ I'm bummed :/

    Did any of you guys have a similar experience?
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  3. by   msnursecp
    Well, I applied to both the RN and LPN programs. I got accepted into both!!! I decided to go into the RN program and give my position up to someone else in the LPN!! So you never know what may happen! Just wait a couple of days and someone may give up there position and move you up!
  4. by   AM326
    congrats lady, and thanks :3 I wish you the best in NS! :3
  5. by   CaraJ
    I am bummed, too. I applied to RN and was denied. Then I went from #14 to #9. I was told that my school went through 20 alternates last year. I can't seem to do anything but obsess over whether or not I will get accepted this fall! This is nuts!!
  6. by   samist
    I'm still waiting to hear back from 2 schools. Was wait listed for an ABSN program, and rejected by another. However I did get accepted into an ADN program. Cheer up. Try other schools and other programs, apply broadly, why only lpn, apply to rn programs as well.
  7. by   CaraJ
    I am in an area where the closest school is 30 minutes away...the next two options are an hour away...we are not allowed to apply to both RN and LPN at Beaufort County Community College. So, at this point I will wait and hope ....I really hope you get in!! Keep me posted!!
  8. by   CaraJ
    Congrats to those who got good news!!!
  9. by   green34
    I take it is one of those programs where you apply and then they accept only for that semester with the waitlist being the possibility of getting in that semester?

    I know we have a lot of people who back out at the last minute or feel that they may not be able to make their work/family/life be compatible with nursing school. Continue to apply and see if there is an area you might be able to improve.
  10. by   CaraJ
    Yes, the wait list is only for this upcoming semester. They don't have a fall and spring entrance, so the next possible slot is next fall 2014. I know that if I don't make it in this year that next year I will be towards the top of the list, because I will have a greater score. My A&P class points were not applied to my score because I had not taken them yet. I have, since, taken A&P I and made an A last semester. I am currently enrolled in A&P II and currently have an A. Are you in school now green34?
  11. by   LoriRNCM
    The first year I applied to ADN I was an alternate. Didn't get in. Kept taking pre reqs. Second year I applied I didn't get in. Started taking co reqs. Third year was my year and I start in August. It was just as well that I didn't get in when I first applied because as it is now, I have taken all pre and co reqs and only have core NUR courses to take, which means less stress, and better grades. My school has a very small class and is very competitive, but I wasn't giving up!
  12. by   cjcaet
    I got a "maybe" letter. It says to take three pre-reqs (all of which I just finished or am enrolled in right now) before they are making a final decision on my status.
  13. by   wiscolindsey
    The wait list for the the nursing program at the technical college I am attending is very long. I will be starting school this fall, but have to take 3 pre-req courses (all of which are pre-reqs of one another, so they must be split up over 3 semesters). It is only once I finish those that I may be added to the RN program wait list, which is 1-2 years long. So, I'll be looking at at least 2 years before I can start any nurses courses. The waiting is the hardest part.....

    They keep saying "shortage of nurses", but it's also "shortage of instructors" to teach all of us that want so badly to become nurses! It sucks...
  14. by   CaraJ
    (Green)That is great! I will have completed everything after A&P II ends in a few more weeks. I have taken a few courses towards a BSN, however, financial aid will not pay for anymore of those courses. They have assured me that they will help me when I actually start the ADN, so that is good. It sounds like everything worked out for the best! I wish you all the success!!