Wait-listed classes?

  1. So my registration date finally came around after painfully watching the classes I need fill up. I managed to get on the wait-list for chemistry and anatomy...
    Each class has 24 people per class, and a 20 person wait-list. I'm number 18 on the wait-list for anatomy, and 15 for chemistry. I haven't had to be on a wait-list until this point, so I am not sure what my chances of getting into the classes are. I have to hope 18 people drop the class for anatomy, and hope that 15 drop out of chemistry. It feels a bit discouraging. However, at least I made it to the wait-list!

    Can people with wait-list experience give their advice on this? I just want to know if it's feasible that 18 people may drop..
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  3. by   INN_777
    Frankly, expecting 18 people to drop is a bit of a stretch. I would look for alternatives.
  4. by   ant2cory
    I agree with INN_777. If it filled up that quickly and has a set number of people on the wait list, odds are that 18 people will not drop the class. Sorry Is there another school near you that you could take those classes at? Why couldn't you sign up when the classes opened?
  5. by   PurpleLover
    May I ask why you did not preregister?
  6. by   caylalane
    Our school has priority registration, so veterans, foster kids, disabled, etc. all choose classes first, and then goes by how many credits you have completed. Priority registration begins a week before open registration, and I was allowed to choose classes 3 days before open registration starts. We don't have preregistration. I even went and spoke with a counselor. There's another campus that is part of my college that offers anatomy, but it is an hour and fifteen minutes from where I live. I may have to bite the bullet and drive there twice a week. That class is still open.
  7. by   16mm
    Does your school have a drop date? My school does, it's essentially the day everyone who hasn't paid yet is dropped from the class. This past semester I checked every single day hoping to get into my Microbiology class, about 13 people were dropped and I got in that way. This date is usually closer to the start of the semester.
  8. by   caylalane
    We have ten days from the day we register for the class to pay for it. If not, then we are dropped. I will probably just deal with the drive to Grass Valley twice a week. I can't deal with the uncertainty of whether or not I will get the class.
  9. by   PurpleLover
    Wow, I would not like that at all.
  10. by   caylalane
    Believe me, I don't. I feel like the system at my college is ridiculous and unfair, but I am thankful that I did have a way into the classes. I'm taking chemistry and anatomy at the college thats an hour and fifteen away, to make the drive worth it.