University of the Virgin Islands??

  1. Hello,
    I was thinking of attending University of the Virgin Islands. I was wondering if anybody here is thinking about it, or nobody somebody that did.
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  3. by   vickynurse
    Do they have a nursing program?
  4. by   mbcatac7
    Yes they have an ADN program in St. Croix and a BSN in St. Thomas. I am looking into ADN.
  5. by   lkgrant RN
    Hey guys,
    I was thinking about going to uvi fall 08. But I am looking to room with someone because of how expensive it is to live there
  6. by   RedKodiak
    Yeesh...if I tried to go to school in the Virgin Islands, I wouln't make it through the first semester. That's why I go to school in Michigan. Less temptation.
  7. by   caroladybelle
    Ba aware that some schools of nursing in the USVI have low passing records.
  8. by   threeseas
    I am planning on going to UVI St. Thomas in January 09. I would also love to get more info on the school and life on St Thomas. Li'l help?
  9. by   rll30395

    I am in the B.S. Nursing Program. I was born and raised in the Virgin Islands and I would recommend UVI. The only draw back is that most nursng classes and required classes are offered during the day time. Also, the cost of living here is really expensive. The classes are rigourous and require discipline. But that is to prepare you for NCLEX. I am a sophomore.
  10. by   Back2School4RN
    I am looking into the ADN program. My concern is the big move from the states to the island. What is the safety there like? I will not know anyone and that scares me being so far away from family & friends.
  11. by   rll30395
    ADN Program is on St. Croix. I'm in the BS Program in St. Thomas. I think you would like it.
  12. by   Blush000
    I want to go to the University of the Virgin Islands to pursue nursing, as well. I'm a little nervous, I don't know where I will work or live. Does anyone have any inside knowledge about the program, St. Thomas, jobs, and living conditions?
  13. by   kchez12
    Is it easy to get housing on the Saint Thomas campus? What do people do if they can't get housing on campus?
  14. by   agoode0305
    I am applying to UVI as well. The idea of living in Saint Thomas sounds amazing, however I am nervous about being so far from home (Memphis, TN) and will not know a soul. Does anyone know what areas of the island where students, specifically nursing students, live? Is the island safe?