tuition reimbursement anyone??

  1. I have loads of previous school loan debt, so in order to be a nurse and pay for my debt I'm going to have to start as a CNA and work my way to my RN. I was just wondering if any of you have received tuition reimbursement from your employer to continue persuing your education? What kinds of facilities do you work in? How much do they pay towards it?

    Thank you =) =)
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  3. by   steph.slmn
    You will have to check some of the employers around you, I would try a hospital. I know that Banner Health offers tuition reimbursement. I haven't worked there in a few years but if I remember correctly they will reimburse you the full amount. There was a lot of competition for reimbursement and you had to apply, a lot of CNAs would apply so they had to limit the amount of students they would pay for nursing.
  4. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    There are two hospitals in my city. One provides $1000 per year as tuition reimbursement for all employees; the other provides $5250 for LPN/RNs and $2000/year for all other employees. You need to work for fulltime for 12 months to qualify for these benefits at either facility.
  5. by   Graduation2016
    Every institution is different. At mine you have to be an employee for at least 3 months and full time employees get up to $1500 (cant remember if its per year or per semester), PT employees get up to $750.
  6. by   bradleystacks
    I totally agree, different rules from different institutions. So you may want to ask the details first or either find a full time job to qualify.
  7. by   cristielf
    Yes, I work at in a hospital system
    in Pittsburgh and they offer tuition reimbursement to a list of colleges and tuition advancement to a few others.
  8. by   NightNerd
    Yes! I am super-lucky to work for a hospital that offers up to $5000 per year. Their conditions are 12 more months of full-time work, and you have to be pursuing a degree (so I couldn't get tuition reimbursement for my CNA course a couple months ago, as an example). Definitely check with hospitals around you; most will list this benefit on their website when you do research.