The challenges of Pre-nursing classes and motherhood - page 2

Mother's Day is approaching and I got a great gift today....finally a response from my son's school about his difficulties ( I posted a while ago and was quite upset at that time an some of you may... Read More

  1. by   rnmomtobe2010
    Hang in there. I am having to get through school with a son who has speech difficulties ans 60% hearing loss in his right ear which is taking it's toll on the left ear. I want to give up but I cannot. Don't give up!!!
  2. by   justme1972
    Quote from stpauligirl
    How old is she? It's amazing how much these kids need son is not doing well with his dad gone Mo-Fr. This weekend he won't come home at all! He is out of State for 2 weeks! it kicked my son in reverse every since they send him away each week. It's hard isn't it????? Hang in there and reassure her as much as you possibly can.
    My twins are 3 years old...barely 3.

    We have decided that we are going to save every spare dime we have in order to take them to Disneyworld when they are 7 years old. I think that is a great age to have the physical stamina to go and it's still magical to them. It's expensive so you have to plan early!

    That will be their reward for being little troopers, but in the short term, they'll be taking their first swimming lessons every Saturday this summer, and they are excited at starting daycare again so they can play with other kids.
  3. by   reep0925
    Hang in there. I have four kids, and I am a student as well. It seems like I have been in school forever. I need 3 classes to get in the ADN program and 7 for the BSN. Should I leave my four year school and get the RN earlier? I appreciate any advice.