Summer Session A &P

  1. How many of you out there are taking A&P this summer? Lets work together to "ace" the course.
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  3. by   ccjus123
    I'm taking a 5 week course starting in June. I'm definitely in! I bought the A&P for Dummies book and am buying the A&P coloring book tomorrow. I've already started making flash cards to memorize concepts and terms and am in the process of getting ready to memorize the cranial and facial bones - EEK!
  4. by   ChicagoICU_RN
    Im taking a 6 week course in June as well. CCjus...what coloring book will you be purchasing?
  5. by   Jessica46774
    I am taking ANP this summer it's an 8-week class. My class starts May 27th. I too have purchased a coloring book(Anatomy and Physiology coloring workbook~ by Marieb) and I have made flash cards.
  6. by   ChicagoICU_RN
    thats the one that my teacher recommended I will be using the Marieb Textbook and lab manual as well...
  7. by   mariposabella
    Yup, Im taking A&P II and maybe college algebra. Does anyone know if taking both of these classes in the summer would be too hard? Summer session is 10 weeks long compared to a regular semester which is 14 weeks. Im also worried about what Im going to take in the fall besides Microbiology. I basically have almost all of my prerequisites. Each of the colleges Im considering applying to have different types of chemistry courses. I just dont want to pay twice or three times the amount Im paying now at a community college. Once class at a univeristy where I livce can easily cost $1000.
  8. by   mariposabella
    Oh I thought muscles were harder than the bones! Its awesome that your getting ready now! Its better to be prepared than to not be. Be prepared to study study study! You can do it have some confidence.
  9. by   mariposabella
    A good coloring book is by Wynn Kapit and Lawerence M. Elson. There is an anatomy coloring book and a separate coloring book for physiology. I think the Anatomy one is good enough though. I purchased both just in case. Wow 6 weeks to take A&P! Thats tough, good luck! Here is a link to the book and I recommend using colored pencils.
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  10. by   ree1986
    I am takind A&P 1 this summer at a cc, for 8 weeks. It starts in June, and thanks for recommending the coloring book, I am going to need all the help I can get!
  11. by   Hope.A
    Are you guys working while you take A&P This summer? I'm working full time and it was going to be nearly impossible to take A&P with the lab - Work all day, straight to class, and then bedtime Monday through Thursday?!?! I mean, I'm dedicated to becoming a nurse but I need to keep my sanity. I guess I'll sign up for a non-lab course, and then take A&P in the Fall & Spring?? Whew...
  12. by   ccjus123
    I am the OP and yes I will be working full-time (9am-5:30pm). My classes will be Mon. & Wed. 6:00p-9:45p (lecture) and Tues. & Thurs. 6:00p-9:45p (Lab) - The course will begin June 1rst and end on July 2nd. - about 4 weeks.

    It will be challenging but so worth taking it to take A&P1 in a shorter time frame. It's only one month of sacrifice for the beginning of the summer and then I'll have the rest of the summer off until the fall semester starts (I'll then be taking A&P2).

    But it's not for everyone to take an accelerated course. - I have the type of job that affords me the opportunity to study like crazy at my desk. I hardly have any work 85% of the day anyway.
  13. by   mmgirlsmom
    I work full time and am taking 3 classes this summer. I attend a weekend and evening program and I am taking A&P I, math and psych elective. The A&P/Lab is every other Sunday 8 - 2:30, math every Thursday 6-9 and Psych (8 week class) Wed 6-9. Once the 8 week class is finished in the middle of June I will be down to only two classes until August. I have already bought flash cards someone on this site recommended so hopefully they will be helpful.
  14. by   ChicagoICU_RN
    i will not be working...that would be waay to tough