Statistics! Advise: Online or Classroom?

  1. I was wondering if anyone has ever took statistics online during the summer? Would you advise it to someone trying to make a deadline and knowing math is their weakness! I've never took an online class before especially one dealing with math, but I wanted to make this deadline that's why I was considering about it. Would it be better just to wait for fall and do the full semester or it's easier to do it during the summer ?
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  3. by   leenak
    Is it an accelerated class? Do you know if it is mathematical based or not? Are you doing it online at a local school and would you be able to go in and talk to a tutor?

    I took a heavy mathematical-based statistics class over the summer last year but I'm good at math and I had someone to ask questions if I ran into problems. Sometimes if a subject is your weakenss, it is best to be able to talk to someone in person to help you, professor or tutor if possible.
  4. by   prospectivepville
    I would suggest online ONLY if there is a tutoring facility you can go to for hands on instruction in your spare time. OR your instructor is really generous with their time, and will meet with you occasionally to discuss specific weaknesses.

    Classroom arrangements have always been best for me.
  5. by   msg88
    I just emailed the professor asking his input cause all my classes i've done have always been classroom based cause I learn better than way then focusing my attention online. I probably would just take this course in a classroom based setting so it could be easier for me but I would have to wait til Fall thats my only program. But I don't wanna rush into something and end up failing all because I wanted to make one nursing school deadline you know.
  6. by   ICUchick
    I am taking statistics now in the classroom, I am doing well but am not sure that I would have if it were online. I needed the time to clear up questions that I have encountered and in my past experiences online classes don't offer a lot of opportunity if you are struggling. I reserve those for more independent classes, writing, medical terminology, things like that....
  7. by   Mom/Nurse2b
    I just took it online (Spring semester) and made an A. I'm not great in math, but I took good notes and did the homework problems several times until I got them right. Even with all that, it was a lot of work and very time-consuming. I'd recommend an online Stats class, I'm just not sure about a summer one. They condense the time and it would double the work.
  8. by   Unthinkable
    This week, I just finished an 5 week online Stats course. I think I got a B... have to say, it was no easy task... It can become difficult and I had some frustrating moments when I couldn't solve a problem and there's no professor to ask.

    I also did not enjoy how the computer grades the exams. If you're a few units off, perhaps due to rounding differences at one of the calculating steps, it might just mark you off entirely. Basically, I did not have the greatest experience but I saved a lot of classroom/travelling time.
  9. by   Just A Wanderer
    It depends on the kind of learner you are - are you good at math AND do you find that you learn well in an online environment? Personally speaking, I was an average student in math when I took courses in class but did terrible in the courses that I've taken through independent study - I think this is because I am more of a visual learner when it comes to math (I need to watch the teacher work out the math problems). Also, sometimes the course materials don't really go into depth of how they got from point A to point B... you oftentimes have to figure this out for yourself which is extremely frustrating... or you can wait a day or two for the instructor to respond to your the questions you are stumped on.

    Whatever you choose, good luck!!!