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What classes are you taking for the spring semester. I will go first. Biology Chemistry Comp 11 Disease Process in the place of Microbiology I have my hands full and I get crossed eyed... Read More

  1. by   MaineEMT2RN
    Beginning in mid-January, I'll be taking:

    Developmental Psych
    Intro to English Lit
    A&P II

    The only Pre-req I'll have left is Microbiology, and I've already registered to take it in the summer. Clinicals begin in September!
  2. by   Annegg
    Spring semester starts and the end of january and I'll be taking:

    Microbiology (4)
    Inorganic Chem 1 (4)
    Pre-Cal (3)
    Comp 1 (3)
    Modern History 2 (3)
    Self defense (1)

    for a total of 18:spin: credits.

    As of now my plan is to graduate college with a BS in biology and then go to an accelerated BSN program.
  3. by   Lee2
    English Composition
    Principles of Nutrition
    Introduction to Biology

    I apply to the nursing program this February. It's freaking me out!
  4. by   curlysue82
    I'll be taking:

    College Alegbra
    U.S. Government
    Human Growth and Development
    Essentials of Medical Terminology

    I still have many more to go but I'm enjoying every bit of it!
  5. by   Okami_CCRN
    Spring 2008

    Child Psycholgoy
    Sociology of Policy and Welfare
    English 102
    Anatomy and Physiology

    Summer I

    A and P II

    Summer II


    And Then I'll be starting Nursing School in Fall of 2008
  6. by   missnida

    a full load but i`m ready!!
  7. by   benegesserit
    US History II
    Either Anatomy or English and Speech.
    1 or 2 units of online courses to keep full-time status if necessary

    My school only offers one section of Anatomy (as opposed to three of Physiology, all of which have waitlisted students), so of course it's full. I'm hoping to get in, but can't count on it. I'm reloading the registration page several times a day to see if anyone has dropped and opened a spot on the waitlist.

    Thankfully, I should have more options available for taking it this summer.
  8. by   Futurenurse86
    Im going back to school starting this semester. Im taking english, psy, and a&p this semester
  9. by   stackbundles
    I took Nutrition already and Psychology thats included in the AA requirements for the ADN R.N Program I want to enter. But this Spring 08 Semester im taking

    Chem 3a (Pre req for Physiology)
    Math 82 (Intermediate Algebra)
    English 1(Another Pre req for the ADN Program)
  10. by   MissJS
    Drug Calculations
  11. by   buckeye rosie
    I'm only taking:

    English II, Public Speaking and Human Development.

    Should be an easy semester except for the fact that I'm moving in April!! LOL!
  12. by   angchris
    spring 08-
    math 102
    soc. 1 (need it later for RN)
    english 1
    crisis intervention

    I took a&p this last semester,GLAD its done!also took nutrition and math 101

    fall 08-
    pre algebra
    psy 18
    speech 1(also for RN)
    hoping to get in the LVN program fall 09
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