Spring 2007 is history!

  1. Hey all I havent been on in a while... finals and all.
    How did everyone do?!
    I feel so much more confident after this semester, I got an A in my 5 credit A&P course. BUT getting an A in that class definantly hurt some of my other courses. But I have a 3.1 now, and need a 2.5 for the program.
    How do you guys do it? I'm not even in the BSN program yet and I'm ready to go nuts with stress haha.
    And I just thought I would have a positive vent and say that i am HAPPY for myself I am doing better! (This is my second semester, first at this school, I did horribly at the first. I blame it on lack of focus, sickness, and a devil of a teacher.)

    [BANANA]hope you all did well [/BANANA]

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  3. by   IaCountryGirl
    I did better then I thought I would. I ended up with an A in Micro. I was worried my GPA was going to drop below a 3.4, which I need to maintain my enrollment in Phi Theta Kappa. Between psych, this stupid history class and wasn't quite sure how micro was going to turn out, I thought for sure I was going to come in around a 3.0. But I pulled through with an A in psych and a B in history.

    I"m definitely ready to move on. This past semester was not a fun one. Micro was the only thing I enjoyed and the other classes were a snoozefest.

    Monday the summer semester starts. It's speech and both health skills classes for me. Dreading speech as I hate listening to others speak and scared of health skills because we learn to take vitals, sterilization, etc so it's the first actual class that I will take that's closely related to the medical field. There's a list of what we can and cannot wear, how to wear hair, nails, etc!
  4. by   Lindie
    I'm glad this semester is over! I ended up with a B in College Algebra which I am happy with, since Math has always been a difficult subject for me.

    Now onto Chem which starts on the 29th.
  5. by   LisaJ_RN
    Yahooooo its over
    I ended up with a B in AP2 and an A in Micro!!!:spin:
  6. by   Heloisea3
    I'm really glad this semester is over. I was taking additional classes while waiting to hear whether or not I was accepted into the nursing program. (I was. Yay!) Anyway, I ended up with a B in College Algebra, an A in Statistics, and an A in Nutrition, and I'm happy to be finished with all three of these classes.
  7. by   MShell
    I'm so glad Spring semester is History! It was my first semester, I had Anatomy (A) Psych (A) Cell Biology (A) Medical Term (A) Yay!!!!
    My summer session starts on May 30th and I have Intro to nursing NA, Human Development and College Comp. I can't believe how fast the first semester went, it doesnt seem that far off anymore!
    Great job everyone, we are on our way!
  8. by   krenee
    So glad the semester's over too! :hatparty: It was a tough one for me, with Health Science (includes A&P and micro combined) and Chemistry, along with a one credit stupid required class. I am happy to have three As lined up on my transcripts for the semester! And I got to apply for the fall 2007 program, should know in a couple of weeks!

    Congrats to all! Enjoy your break, even if (like me) it's only a week! I'm taking pharmacology this summer. And considering adding Medical Terminology, which shouldn't be too hard.

  9. by   RunnerLuvLisa
    WOW congrats everyone!
  10. by   Greeneyes13
    I am trilled that the spring semester is finally over! I finished my first semester with a 4.0 average. I start the summer semester on Monday, A&P 1. That is the only class I am taking for the summer. I am hoping to hold onto that A average.