Some advice about A&P I & ll and preparing.

  1. I will be starting my Anatomy and Physiology classes in January. I have never taken chemistry, and the last time I took a Biology class was almost 10 years ago. Will this be a problem you think? Some advice I've heard is to buy a couple books before hand to read and get familiar with. One book that was highly recommended was Atlas of Human Anatomy by Netter. Then just the basic Chemistry and Biology for dummies. Are the later two really that important for A&P? Does anyone who has taken A&P recommend this? Especially when you haven't been in school in years? I heard the fail rate on this class is 50% and I refuse to be a statistic. lol. :heartbeat Some advice on how to prepare for this class in my situation would be great!! thanks!! :wink2:
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  3. by   ssullyorthoRN
    I would take and use all the advice given to you! I just took A & P 1 this spring and for the first few chapters we discussed was chemistry and simple biology! I have been out of school for just the last 5 years and those chapters were a struggle for me! It is hard to pay attention to a lecture when you don't really understand all of it! Also some good advice that was recently posted about on here, is trying to find a podcast on Itunes about it, you could probably find a lecture about simple chemistry. I am taking A & P 2 this summer and have already started listening some of the lectures. PLUS these are FREE! Also when you get your book read for the class read the first few chapters before class. Good Luck!
  4. by   sunray12
    IMO it doesn't matter when you last took bio or chem. You just need good reading, analytical and test taking skills - and you will need to do a lot of memorization. If you have a good course then you will learn everything that you need to know as it applies to A&P. The chemistry involved is very basic. I think what is more important than pre-reading is how you manage your time once you start the course. If you can stay on top of every assignments without falling behind from start to finish then you'll do fine.
  5. by   roseglasses
    there is a book my school recommends called get ready for a & p isbn 0-8053-8284-4 it is like a quick refresher. I know the feeling getting back in the game after such a long time
  6. by   ja1616
    I just finished taking A/P 1 and 2. I don't think you need to buy or read any books before class; all instructors test on different material. I took all the notes (didn't really pay attention to what the instructor was saying b/c he would go way too fast), went home and typed them out. Pay attention to what they say will be on the test (if a review is given) and just study what you have for notes. There is a LOT of memorization. I recommend studying at least an hour a day per class, and when it gets time for the test, study as much as you can. I would study for an hour, then take a ten minute break and do that as long as I could stand it. I don't think there is any trick or way to get around all the studying and memorization. Just stay focused and you will do well. I got an A in both classes.
  7. by   %63theend
    I just finished A&P 1. I would just say take a recorder and TAPE the lecture. Bring it home and listen to the lecture while re-reading your class notes and book. It will come together. Pause it frequently to comprehend difficult areas. You'll be fine. Just DON'T let the course get ahead of you. Study as often as possible. It is not possible to cram for this class. The material is too dense. You'll be fine as long as you give it the necessary time outside of class.