So tired of pre-req classes!

  1. Nursing classes are so close I can smell them and getting through these last pre req classes is just so annoying!

    Currently I am sitting here procrastinating, because for my critical thinking and logic class I have to observe a piece of fruit and write a two page essay on it. I mean, come on. I know that critical thinking is key to nursing, but geez. Fruit?

    Ugh. Can't wait till this class is over!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Now that's what I call education!
  4. by   markuskristian
    How about this one... describe a sunset to a man that has been blind his whole life in no less than 5 pages
  5. by   guiltysins
    Hahahahaha oh my god these assignments. Yes they really make me hate pre-reqs and my college makes you do all college core requirements before you can do nursing programs so along with the nursing pre-reqs are the english, history and speech courses the college requires.

    I give you this one though from my philosophy class. The Trolley Example: You're standing on a bridge and notice that there are five people tied to the tracks in the path of a runaway trolley with no driver. There is an incredibly fat man on the bridge next to you big enough to stop the trolley. Do you push him over the bridge, killing him but saving the five people or do nothing and let the trolley kill the five on the tracks and which is morally right.
  6. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I have never had any of these types of questions in any of my prereqs. So far I have taken

    Organic Chem
    English 101
    Psych 101
    Psych Developmental Lifespan
    Speech Communication (can't remember the exact name of the course)
    Physical Fitness
    3 Credit Nutrition class
    Elementary Algebra
    oh and Microbiology
    I feel like I am forgetting one.

    anyway, none of those type of questions though.

    I start actual nursing school in August.
  7. by   sparky99
    Lukesmom, I can SOOOO relate! (See thread "Is this class NEVER going to end???")

    I had all my general education pre-reqs done from several years ago; thank God my CC allows old credits. I would really have hated going back and retaking those. Right now I'm finishing up A&P II and will take Micro this summer, and then nursing program starts at the end of August. I've got one toe in the promised land and the other foot tied to a stake in an anthill!

    Looking at other posts here, I kind of wish we had a critical thinking course either in the pre-reqs or early in the program.

    We have to be full time students to be in the nursing program, but first semester nursing doesn't have enough credit hours to be considered full time, so I'll have to take one elective just to be considered full time. Anyone else here running into that? (Basketweaving, anyone??)
  8. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    All my semesters have a min of 13 credits (some more) except 4th semester. That one is 12. I think I will find out what a BSN will require and take a class than for that since I eventually plan on going from RN-BSN
  9. by   letarn2b
    I have the same prob nur class is 7cred i need 5 more credits to be full time
  10. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    Wow only 7 credits a semester ?
  11. by   letarn2b
    the nursing class is 7 cred alone.In order for me to get fin aid i have to have 12 cred.I hope i can find other classes that are not too stressful and demanding because I have everything except the nursing classes.
  12. by   sparky99
    Eeek!! Need 5 more credits, Leta?
    Do keep us posted - I'd love to hear what you choose to fill up your schedule.
  13. by   tiffini24
    Quote from markuskristian
    How about this one... describe a sunset to a man that has been blind his whole life in no less than 5 pages
    LOL that is hilarious.:-}
  14. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I only have nursing classes to take as well, but they come out to well over 7 credits each semester except the 4th semester that is 12 credits. The other semesters are above 12 and one is 19 credits. These are for ONLY nursing classes.

    it's weird how much it varies between school.