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Ok this has been the hardest semester of my life....both personally and academically...I transferred to a com college that req'd me to take general biology even though I have taken A & P I previously... Read More

  1. by   morningdew
    I had 4 classes; A&P I, Chem B, Contemporary Social Problems, and College Algebra. I've finished A&P I, Chem B, and Contemporary Social Problems all with As so I'm so happy about that. I have a final in Chem B on Monday, and I'm going in with an A average so hopefully I'll keep that A!
  2. by   medsurgtrenchesRN
    I took Microbiology, Chem I, Sociology, and Lifespan Psychology. I ended up dropping Lifespan so that I could handle going to weekend CNA classes, but I made A's in all the other classes, just by the skin of my teeth on Sociology. I am taking Nutrition, Lifespan (again) and State Government over the summer.

    Just plugging through all these core classes and waiting to get to the good stuff. It's so nice to be here with so many others that are going through it, too, and that are willing to share their struggles.
  3. by   kristi1111
    Only took Intro to General, Organic and Biochemistry II with lab this semester because I am currently working two jobs but received As in both!!!!

    Will be taking A&P I with the lab in Fall of 2009 and (hopefully) if things go well, A&P II in Spring 2010 and will be applying to nursing school at that time!!!!
  4. by   Adams_Mommy_07
    This semester went pretty well---I was worried about College Algebra though...!!!!

    General Chemistry I A
    A&P II A
    College Algebra B