Sick of waiting to know? Say "I"!

  1. I need some commiseration. Who else is anxiously waiting to find out of if they got into nursing school or not for this fall? Tell me where you applied, what the deadline was, and how crazy you're going LOL.

    I applied to West Penn Hospital SON and UPMC Shadyside SON.

    The first's deadline was April 16th or so, but they didn't get the last piece of my application - my final transcript from this spring semester - until May 18th or so. They told me that that was okay, but it's making me nervous. The admissions secretary told me that once they get all of your stuff, they will make a decision between 2 weeks to 1 month. It'll be a month soon and I still haven't heard anything about an interview yet, which is part of their process. I am feeling very pessimistic for that reason, which stinks because it was my first choice school and they don't admit in the spring.

    The second's deadline was June 5th or so, and I'm not even sure if all my stuff got there on time. They required the PSB exam before you could even apply, I scored high enough on that and couldn't send in the rest of my stuff until after I knew that was the case, so I was scrambling towards the end of that deadline. It was a bit of a disaster. My Int. Algebra teacher, whom I've had for two courses, told me - as always - that he drops one test and replaces it with the next lowest grade. Since there are 4 tests (including the final), and I had a strong A in the class by the third test, I didn't try on the final. It wasn't a calculated thing, it was just a matter of that day being hectic and me deciding that I'd rather have groceries so I can eat than sit there and waste time on a test that wasn't going to affect my grade. Well, regardless of the A I received and the fact that my teacher apparently nominated me to be a student tutor for that course, he decided he would not fill out a reference form for me because I failed the final (nevermind the overall A and one of the tests that I actually scored 110% on, but I digress.) So... since I've only had 3 teachers in the last 3 years (including the Algebra teacher) and almost no work experience because I'm a stay at home mom, I had to resort to getting my former boss as a reference. This wouldn't be a bad thing because I was a very good worker and she likes me alot, but English is her second language. She hardly writes English well at all, and she wasn't even understanding the questions. So, yeah... I have (assuming they received everything, the admissions secretary there is notoriously unorganized) two letters of reference that should be very good, including one from my chemistry teacher. The last, I'm kinda worried about. I'm not feeling AS pessimistic about this school as the first, but I'm still feeling pessimistic.

    How crazy am I? Hmm well, let's see - every day I wake up excited that I might have an e-mail that will indicate something. My heart rate gets elevated as I'm driving home from school everyday because I know the mail will be there and there might be something. I love checking my caller ID and voicemail, and love my mailman. I hate Sundays and holidays because mail is not delivered on those days. Haha, I REALLY hope I'm not the only one like this!
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  3. by   bluechick112

    I totally get it. I, too, loved to race down to the mailbox as soon as I heard the mailman drive off. I, too, checked my e-mail on an hourly basis (including the spam box!). I only applied to two schools for fall 09 because they were the only schools I had all the prerequisites completed for. I really didn't have any intent on getting in this fall. I just applied for the heck of it, really. One notification was to arrive via e-mail and the other via USPS.

    After months of checking my e-mail, I called that school and they told me I was rejected! And that they had no idea why I didn't get a notification. Ouch. That was California State University East Bay, which was my #2 choice. I believe the deadline was last August...

    I continued to run down to the mailbox on a daily basis to look for my other school's notification. This school was and still is my #1 choice. FINALLY it came! I didn't get in, but I did get waitlisted (#11), which was more than I expected, especially since I wasn't actually planning on getting into either school for fall! So now I'm waiting around, pacing back and forth, constantly checking my voicemail on my cell and message machine on my house phone, HOPING that I get a phone call offering me my future! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! It's hard because I know my school, Samuel Merritt University, only accepted 4 or 5 people off their waitlist last year and the fact that they've already gone through 7 people on the waitlist this year is a miracle in itself! PS, the deadline for this school was March 1st.

    GOODLUCK to you! Waiting around is SUCH A PAIN! Let us know what happens!
  4. by   nocheapones
    Oh man, I think it must be even harder being on the waitlist. Good luck to you! And thanks for commiserating LOL.
  5. by   thegiver
    I was waitlisted, and got in. Just wanted to give you hope
    I was number 3 and got in right after their second round, but still didnt find out until about 2 weeks ago.

    Good Luck to both of you!
  6. by   bluechick112
    Thanks!! Where were you waitlisted at?
  7. by   nurse12b
    I !!!
    My application deadline was March 1. But they are letting everyone have until the end of summer 1 to get all their pre-reqs done, which is July 2. They said that in June we should be getting first picks and wait list letters. NOTHING YET!!!! I just want to know! Waiting 4 months is no easy task. My school just started offering ADN and BSN every semester and they are accepting more students than they ever had before. I am opptimistic, I have to be. One piece of good news is that I got a D from 5 yrs ago removed from my transcript so that made my GPA go up 4 points. I hope they looked at that. Im just here going crazy waiting
  8. by   BellasMommyOBRN
    Quote from thegiver
    i was waitlisted, and got in. just wanted to give you hope
    i was number 3 and got in right after their second round, but still didnt find out until about 2 weeks ago.

    good luck to both of you!
    this same thing happened to me. i was #1 on the waitlist at flcc and was accepted right away.

    waiting is the worst, but it was worth the wait!!!!

    good luck
  9. by   bluechick112
    Geez, I wish I was in both of your shoes. You were both very high up on your waitlists! I shouldn't be complaining since I feel it's an awesome opportunity to even be on the waitlist at all at the school I applied to, but it's just frustrating to be mid-list.

    Congratulations to the both of you on getting in to your schools. I can only hope to be saying the same soon!
  10. by   bluechick112

    BEST OF LUCK to you. You're bound to hear back soon enough! Mind if I ask what school you're waiting to hear from? I heard that some of the CA schools are letting students know if you give them a call even before their letter arrives..
  11. by   Domina
    I say "I!"

    I applied to Daytona State College for the Fall 09' ADN program. The app deadline was the end of May. They say I should know something in 4 to 6 weeks. I am going crazy. My nerves are shot. I am anxious and I am not sleeping good. My husband is like don't worry....don't worry. If I don't get in this round I have to reapply for the Jan 2010 class. No worries....just anxiety!!!!!!!!!!

    I will keep my fingers crossed for everyone!!!!!!:yldhdbng:
  12. by   Unique87
    I applied March 1 but won't know anything until mid to late june. Well it's finally mid june so I'm just checking the mailbox everyday. If I don't get in I'll reapply next semester but the waiting is just killing me. It's almost over but it can't come fast enough.
  13. by   Music_Box_Dancer
    Thank goodness I'm not the only one! I have been driving my family, friends and neighborhood crazy. I'm ready to give my postal lady some green if she brings any letter from my college to my door. Wouldn't that be great? I was suppose to hear back by mid-June; however, after I called the school I was told the selection committee hadn't met yet, so I should look for the letter the 1st or 2nd week in July. Ouch.

    I've searched every possible website on nurse's shoes. I've checked out cool nurse's gifts on Amazon. Last week I bought my 2 year old a toy medical kit and have found great fun playing with Captain Bunny and Patti the Panda. It seemed perfectly the time (lol). I've even worn my A&P lab coat around the house...I know, I know I must have fallen on my head on the way to the mailbox.

    I love that this thread was started and I have truly enjoyed reading all the responses. Best of luck to everyone. We obviously have a passion for this, so I hope we end up right where we belong!

    PS: Deadline was May 30 (extended to June 1st). Classes start August 24th.
  14. by   bluechick112
    Quote from Music_Box_Dancer
    Last week I bought my 2 year old a toy medical kit and have found great fun playing with Captain Bunny and Patti the Panda.
    That is SO funny that you mention that! My mom was going through nursing school while I was little too and bought me a toy medical kit and I LOVED IT! She also bought me an ace bandage and a tourniquet when I was about 10 and my aunt bought me a how-to book for the bandage and I used to go around pretending people had sprained various areas of their bodies and would bandage them up! I guess the whole thing is really what turned me on to nursing. So be happy---you just might be raising a future nurse!!

    GOODLUCK to you and everyone. I know how hard it is when the schools don't stick to their initial predicted deadlines...

    Once we all get in (whenever that may be), we deserve to get out and get a MASSAGE! This is too much stress for anyone to take!