Should I take Introductory Chemistry or General Chemistry?

  1. Hello,

    I am working on Nova Southeastern University pre-requisites at Indian River State College. My dilemma is this...Nova said that I can take any Chemistry course and does not require a Lab. My community college offers an introductory chemistry course that is designed for real chemistry beginners (like me) but the course specify that its not designed for those majoring in health science. Should I just take the beginners course because I know it will be easier to get an "A" grade or should I take the next level Chemistry course (General Chemistry) with its lab to be better prepared for nursing school and the rest of my pre-requisite courses like A&P, Microbiology?

    What do you think?
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  3. by   PennyS
    I would take Gen. Chem as I think it will better prepare you for your nursing classes & clinicals.
  4. by   noahsmama
    I agree -- you should take General Chemistry. Not only will you be better prepared, but if you don't happen to get in to your target nursing school and want to apply to other nursing schools, many nursing schools require chemistry with a lab. so it will be more likely your chemistry class will be accepted as a prereq if you want to apply to other schools.
  5. by   oceanise
    General chem. You definitely have to put a lot of work into this class, but it's doable and you'll learn a lot. Plus it'll look better on your application when you apply to nursing school, and would be more likely to transfer to other schools.
  6. by   Austincb
    I'm taking the next level because it transfers and God knows I am not going through this class twice. I'd rather do the extra work and do it once but it's a hard class and will require work. I'm taking anatomy and chemistry this semester and have an a in anatomy and a b in chemistry but I'm getting tutoring and I study like crazy. But like I said no way on earth I'd do this class twice.
  7. by   Bazi-preNursing
    Thanks everyone. I will sign up for the general chem.
  8. by   SopranoKris
    Take Gen Chem. If you decide later to pursue your BSN it will count towards your Chem credits. Intro to Chem will NOT count.
  9. by   FutureCRNA?
    I took Intro to Chem with lab, which DOES count in my BSN program (and it's what my advisor told me to take).

    However, now I have my eye on grad school and it requires Organic Chem & encourages Biochem....both of which require Chem 1 instead of intro. Not to happy about that!

    So my point is, take regular Chem, not Intro, just in case
  10. by   morte
    If you are truly a chem "novice", i would suggest you take both. Taking the intro will/should set you up for a better grade in the general.
  11. by   NightNerd
    I would say to go for the general chem. I took the intro course at my community college, which is enough for their ADN. However, I'm also applying to a BSN program as a reach, and they require me to take a second chemistry class with that intro course anyway, so I've actually created more work for myself by doing that.
  12. by   Bazi-preNursing
    Thanks everyone. It seems like general chemistry is the best course to take for future possibilities.
    What about CHEM1032 which is a survey course (I think) covering selective topics in general, organic, and biochemistry and it was designed specifically for health care students. I am leaning for this course bc it suppose to cover all topics relative to nursing career but I am not sure it will be a pass for a pre-req in a master level degree.