Should I stay with my parents or move closer to the campus?

  1. So my parents and I have been having some heated arguments over this. I live 45 minutes away from the nursing school. They do not want me to move out (it would be too long and too tedious to explain) but I'm arguing that I need an apartment because I heard that nursing school can be rough and have you up at weird hours( I still need to read up on it, but I know you have to do clinicals) and I honestly have to admit I am a TERRIBLE driver at night and when I'm tired. i can only imagine what would happen if they were both combined. So I proposed that I rent an apartment with some room mates and stay overnight when I need to or when I have too many exams coming at once and need a quiet place to study study study ( because I heard there's LOTS of that) without worrying about waking up extra early to get to school on time. However, I would try to come home everyday if I'm not busy.

    Am I wrong? Can I manage at least the first semester or year at home? Or even all four? I honestly don't know how it all works :/ My parents are just convinced I just want to have fun and it's imperative to them for me to be home as much as humanly possible. (Like I said, long story. Just know that it's religion and culture)
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  3. by   jennafezz
    Who's gonna be paying for the apartment?
  4. by   Sabreen
    Well I have a couple thousand dollars from refund money and I have a couple of scholarships that will follow me through the next couple of years (let's say a thousand dollars minimum a semester?) So even though my parents will be helping me out I was hoping to pay for my own apartment at least (I'd be rooming with two or three other people) although honestly I'm not really sure about expenses and how much I'd have to pay yearly
  5. by   pmabraham
    Good day:

    My recommendation would be commute for at least one 1/2 to a full semester to get your feet wet, get an idea of expenses, etc.

    If you do get to the point of sharing an apartment, be sure to introduce your roommates to your parents; and allow time for your parents to get to talk with them.

    Hopefully, when that time comes, you've done your homework as well as it relates to knowing your roommates; and I would recommend some form of roommate agreement so you are not stuck in a bad situation.

    Thank you.
  6. by   zoe92
    I agree with the previous poster. Try out living at home before you get an apartment. Also, if you do decide to move out find some really great room mates (maybe even other nursing students) because living with others is a whole different ball park and good room mates make a whole lot of difference.
  7. by   eatmysoxRN
    I loved living on campus during college. I also partied a lot. Would have been less if I'd been commuting home (that wasn't an option for me at all).

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  8. by   Sabreen
    That sounds pretty reasonable... I mean I already had two people in mind that I would move in with that I've known for years (Yes I know it can be difficult to move in with friends but that's why I've chosen them, they're very easy to get along with).
    I was thinking about trying to commute for a semester I was just afraid that I wouldn't be able to handle it because I heard you start doing clinicals by the second month, and then there's the fact that by the second semester my friends will already have to have found an apartment and some other room mates so I'd be left in a tight spot.
  9. by   Sabreen
    Haha, that's kind of what my parents are afraid of maybe? I'm not sure, but that's not really the kind of person I am though. If anything I'd just be at my apartment most of the time or having lunch with friends. Partying isn't really my scene, I wish they could see that!
  10. by   Sabreen
    So I would live at home for a year? I'm worried that it won't work out and I'll be stuck because my friends will already have signed contracts for an apartment! And dorming isn't really an option (my parents are completely opposed to it)
  11. by   Okie36
    I would totally live at room and board, Free utilities, food etc..... Equals out that 45 min drive. Reducing your stress as much as possible and if you can live with parents free as well as have the extra money that you WON'T be using for living expenses, that's a win-win me, if you can get through school debt free...then you will have plenty of time to have your own place and a nicer place with NO roommates, all because you chose wisely now...think long term! I see way too many college grads that thought they had it all planned out that are now having to move back in with mom and dad.
  12. by   Saysfaa
    I think the driving at night and/or when tired is a valid concern. However, an apartment is not the only solution especially when you don't yet know how often that happen.

    I've made many hour long trips to pick up my kids when they were tired or their car was having problems or their car pool fell through or the weather was bad. I expect your parents would be willing to also, especially as they want you to commute.

    If it happens a lot then y'all might reconsider but if I were you I'd try the communte even if it means a year of it.
  13. by   Sabreen
    You know you're totally right..I think I might try to do a year and just ask my parents to help me out, which I know they'll do. If anything they'll just let me get an apartment the second year cause they'll be so sick of me! Thanks, I honestly hadn't considered that! I have a lot to take into consideration though.. I might try to ask some people that are in the program at that school and see how they're fairing!
  14. by   Guy in Babyland
    I would say to try to commute from home. If you do have good friends, your parents know them, and trust them then maybe if there are times that you are still on campus in the evening time and don't want to drive home, you could stay at their apartment for the night.