Retaking the Hesi A2 Entrance exam...

  1. Hi!

    I took the Hesi A2 exam today for Wright State University in Ohio. They require an 80% on the composite scores for Math, Science, and English. I did well on everything but the math portion and I have to retake the test. I was wondering if anyone knew whether WSU will take an average from both exam attempt scores or will they accept the higher of the two scores. Anyone have any idea??

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  3. by   blurredyearning
    As far as I know, most places take your most recent score, regardless of what your previous score was. If you made a 78 the first time, but somehow make a 70 the second time, I believe they count you as a 70, as that was your most recent score.

    That's how it was when I took the SAT/ACT to enter college years ago, but I could be wrong.
  4. by   Tyner
    What topics are on the hesi?
  5. by   Tyner
    What topics are on hesi?
  6. by   Sandpiper12
    Quote from Tyner
    What topics are on hesi?
    Different schools require different portions, but all of the subjects are:
    Reading comprehension
    Anatomy and physiology
    Physics (I haven't seen any nursing student that has had to take this, but I suppose maybe some schools require it)

    Then there is a personality profile and learning style section (not graded) and I think a critical thinking (I did not have this section)