Really depressed and need advice. I feel I will NEVER get into a RN program!

  1. I have known I wanted to be a nurse since before I graduated high school in 1991. I have always worked full time and at in the early 90s, I had to work and got into the legal field which was easier. Over the years, I took the pre-nursing pre-reqs and other classes, ending up with a degree in Criminal Justice. Well, I finished my pre-reqs in 2010 and have been waiting to apply ever since (I made too much money to quit and not having a job during nursing school was never an option).

    Anyway, here I sit with 71 points in the California State Community College Criteria. I have no where to add points other than getting proficient status in a foreign language. I have a 3.42 in sciences, 3.3 in core classes, 78.7 on teas my first attempt. I am hearing that all community colleges in San Diego are requiring mid 70s and higher (usually mid 80s-90s) to get in.

    I am just beside myself and fearful that I will never get in anywhere. It is really depressing. I did turn in my first RN school app this week, but not holding my breath, as I only have 71 points.

    What are your thoughts? I could try to up chances at a 4 year college by taking Chem, but that will require 1 more year of classes, as you have to take an intro to chem and then chem to get that pre-req.

    Time is not on my side, as I am 41 years old. I am super depressed about this!!! I know I will make a great nurse, I volunteer 8 hours a week and they all love me. Any suggestions???
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  3. by   hardwrkingmama
    Have you thought about studying for the TEAS a bit more and then retaking it so you can up your score? That may increase your points a good amount.
  4. by   ScientistSalarian
    I agree, there is definitely room for improvement in the TEAS department so I would seriously consider re-testing. Also, is there any way you could fit in the second-language requirement? (Maybe take an online or weekend Spanish class?) If taking extra chemistry to boost your science GPA isn't feasible then adding extra points elsewhere on your application could make all the difference.
  5. by   Hopeful23
    I would try to do better on the TEAS exam if I were you. Btw, isn't there waiting lists for getting into Community College nursing programs??
  6. by   teacher08
    There are private programs where you may qualify for funding however, tuition is expensive. I agree with possibly retaking the TEAS exam. By the way, my classmate was 62 years old when we graduated, last year, and passed NCLEX on the first try. Best wishes.
  7. by   LoriRNCM
    Don't let your age freak you out. I am 49, and I will be 50 when I start my ADN program on August 26. There is a 48 year old in my class, and I don't know the ages of all of the others , but I know most of them are early to mid twenties. No one cares how old you are when you are pursuing your education. Thank God!
  8. by   pmabraham
    Good day:

    lorirn2b shares good advise. I just turned 50 this past May; I started working on my prerequisites this summer (started June 18th).

    Age is not a huge issue.

    Thank you.
  9. by   swansonplace
    Just wondering how they calculate the points to get in. For example, if you took a lower level math class and a higher level math class, would they take the grade for the higher level math class as you calculation for your gpa into the program.

    In Florida there are several routes to becoming an RN.

    1. No experience - needed high grades, and high test scores. There is a wait list for those who did not make it for the first selection.
    2. LPN to RN .
    3. Previous medical experience to RN. This one at my school was a little easier to get in.
    4. Straight to BSN.
    5. Some hospitals have schools for LPNs and RNs that are not advertised. So if you look around you may be able to find one.
    6. There are private schools and private universities.
  10. by   long2beanurse
    With CA Community colleges, for points calculations, they only take the FIRST attempt score on the TEAS, so re-taking it won't help with the community colleges. The only place to get better grades are retaking a math class, but the best possible is to get 2 more points. I could learn a foreign language, but I am pretty sure to pass "proficient" status, you need more than 1 semester. I am going to try and breakdown and do a chem class. I haven't done chem at all. I know the BSN programs require chem as do many other side route medical professions.

    I am just frustrated, as I have good grades. Yes, there is room for improvement in the TEAS arena, as most of the questions are from stuff I learned in Jr. High, High School or my first year biology class, which was over 20+ years ago.

    Thank you for your insights, I really do appreciate it. It is just frustrating when you have been on a journey for so long and doing all the right things and its not good enough.
  11. by   hardwrkingmama
    I am attending a CA community college and you are allowed to take the TEAS 3 times. Also, the ONLY Classes that are factored into your score are anatomy, micro, physiology, nutrition, and Eng (1A,1B,or 1D) your choice which English grade you want to be used, only one is required. The bulk or the points comes from the 3 science classes and the Teas. Every cc in my area has totally different ways of scoring and different prereq's that are required, which is very frustrating!
  12. by   long2beanurse
    hardwrkingmama, what CA CC are you going to? I thought the headline on the grid system says it is all CA Comm guidelines.
  13. by   hardwrkingmama
    I sent u a PM
  14. by   swansonplace
    That sounds like a plan. You may want to do some additional prereqs for a plan C.

    Do you know of any good study tools for the TEAS?
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