1. Hey guys, Okay I have a quick question! Okay I plan on going to school next semester to take some classes to get my GPA up... Here is my question... If I do good like midterm time, will my new GPA show up on my transcript by the time I get ready to apply for programs in OCT and NOV?
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Haven't heard of a school that updates transcripts before the course is over.
  4. by   lunden
    yes the new gpa will b on your transcript
  5. by   Shandra2008
    Thanks guys! Okay lunden the new GPA will be on there even if the course isnt over?
  6. by   CrunchyMama
    Depends on the school I guess. At mine midterms don't go on your transcripts. However....the nursing dept. did look at my midterm grades within the system to determine whether or not to allow me into the nursing program.
  7. by   KellRrn2b
    definitely ask the school because they all vary!!!!
  8. by   lunden
    well i'll tell u what at my school in mi. the class has 2 b over then once all grades r turned n that is when the new gpa appears on your last transcript page as well as the previous gpa still showing up on the previous page but they take the higher gpa, but still check with your school becuz every school does vary.
  9. by   Kyla.ann
    Definitely check with your school. I know in mine, they will not accept a class that is "in progress". It has to be completed, and recorded on your transcript.
  10. by   Shandra2008
    Thanks guys!