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Has anyone here recently taken the NLN exam ? I am planning to take it this summer and have no idea what to expect. How does it compare to the ACT for those of you who took that ? Someone told me... Read More

  1. by   Paula7
    Quote from alegea23
    i just received the letter today from the school and i got accepted. i start in january... three months from now. i can't believe it. :hatparty: i'm pretty psyched right now. plus i just started a job that i really like too, but have chosen to go with the nursing. i have 3 months to save as much money as i can. just wanted to let everyone know. i'm so determined to make this happen. one step at a time.

    you will be great! good luck!
    i'm excited for you!!

    :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty:
  2. by   alegea23
    We were not allowed to use calculators during the test. I wish everyone the best of luck. May all your dreams come true.
  3. by   Paula7
    Quote from alegea23
    we were not allowed to use calculators during the test. i wish everyone the best of luck. may all your dreams come true.
    [font="georgia"]what? i am never going to get into the nursing program now! :smackingf
  4. by   Znasser86
    how hard are the physics and chemistry problems?? I'm pretty scared and feeling discouraged :/
  5. by   ktrnwi
    I just took the NLN-PN test last week and it was harder than I expected. I had no problems with the math and verbal/reading comprehension sections. Science is what killed me; and I studied using the NLN study guide because I knew that I needed more science knowledge. I spent a week reading over the chapters on biology, chemistry and physics. I diligently took and retook the tests on DVD. I made up notecards of important terms and processes.But when I started the actual science area of the test I was lost.

    If had to do it again I would have purchased several study guides. I'm sure they all have different info in each and the more you know the easier it is to acquire all the necessary info to know and understand. I'll find out next week how well I did. I'm definitely crossing my finger :bowingpur

    Good Luck to you

  6. by   melissalynnb
    best of luck to you and everyone who is taking it. it was much harder then what i had expected too. there were so many parts to it that has nothing to do with nursing; the anatomy of a flower, physics, thermodynamics, ecology. i would suggest getting the study books, read them all through and practice, practice. best of luck!