preparing for microbiology

  1. I am going to take micro in the spring and want to be well-prepared so that I can get as much as possible out of the class. I will have a lot of time over the holidays and was wondering if there is anything I could read/review that would help me prepare or give me a head start for the class. thanks!
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  3. by   tiffjh2
    If i were you I would look all over the internet they have great study sources for micro..i think if you go to amazon they will have books on it..and good luck in the spring!!!
  4. by   Strwbrywne
    I will be taking Mircro in the Spring as well. I emailed the professor ahead of time and received the syllabus and text information. I also was able to get the study guide from a current student taking the class and confirmed with the professor he will be using the same one for our class.

    Good luck to you! I am taking A&P II along with Micro, so Jan-May will be intense! Come May, I can apply to clinicals!
  5. by   itsa307
    I am currently in Micro now. I agree with all the suggesting of the above poster, they're all great. In addition a basic biology review would be great. Basic biology is the foundation of the class so if it's been a long time since you've take it - it will help alot. You don't want to read all the chapters of the book or memorize all that's in them b/c it may be way more than you need to know. But if you have the class syllabis it may help tons to weed thru the info. Good luck, I have found it to be a very interesting and fun class!
  6. by   aehtela
    Hi! I really think that preparations for any upcoming Micro class varies from professor to professor. I agree with a previous 'poster' who suggested e-mailing your future professor & asking for a copy of the coming term's syllabus. That way you'll be able to purchase the text book beforehand and get an early start on reading, etc. G'luck! Microbiology was the most difficult of the science pre-req.'s for me. But, I studied my butt off & amazingly did better in that class than A&P! So just study hard and I know you'll do great! Best wishes to you :spin:
  7. by   itsmejuli
    I'm doing microbiology right now. Here are some related links.

    this one is really good for review of biology, its animated

    you'll really like this one for identifying bacteria

    online micro lab manual
  8. by   thatsthekeyRNC
    I also suggest some general bio review. I skipped bio in college so I had to do some googling just to remember some of the stuff. Microbiology was my absolute favorite class..I think the fact that it's so interesting and applicable makes it easier to learn. It's definitely A LOT of work though.. half of my class ended up dropping out because they couldn't keep up. It's good that you're already interested in starting.

    It's a good idea to email the teacher, most will send you the syllabus and that would definitely help you prepare! And maybe reading more pathogen-related news articles too, my teacher always talked about current microbiology events and it really helps you make the connections.