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  1. Strwbrywne

    2017 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    I just starting working at an Outpatient Mental Health clinic and was ecstatic to learn that RNs could receive tuition forgiveness. Now that I have done a little research, it seems applying will be a waste of time for me It appears that I would be a Tier 2 (score is 13) and DTI is
  2. Strwbrywne

    Psych nurse for 5 mos...need advice

    I agree and it surprises me the hospital can get away with it. Thank you for the advice regarding talking to my manager. I'll be honest and tell you that I just want to lay low. I have already voiced my opinion about some of the safety concerns I have and other policies that I question. The senior nurses don't like to be questioned. I am not trying to ruffle feathers...I am trying to LEARN. It's more of wanting to do the right thing for the patients - and keep my license! I try hard to be very respectful when I communicate. Snide comments are made to my face and when the unit census is low, guess who is the first one who gets cut? I have come to the conclusion that I need to keep my mouth shut, keep patients safe, and make the best of it. I'm afraid if I go to my manager, I will just be looked at as a whistle blower. Sad, but true. As far as the rest of the hospital, I have had the opportunity to float to some other floors just this past week (talk about perfect timing!). I have witnessed some pretty amazing team work and that gives me hope that I have better things in store for me. Thanks for your response.
  3. Strwbrywne

    Psych nurse for 5 mos...need advice

    Thank you for your response. Yes, geriatric patients and adolescents are on the same floor. I know it is illegal and it surprises me that they are getting away with it. When I questioned it, I was told the adolescents are not allowed to be in the halls and must remain in their rooms. They are to come out for group and meals only. (How are the groups helping when the population is combined?- I have asked myself this question as well. And, they don't stay in their rooms, either. It's more of a formality.) I see what you are saying about my experience and thank you for acknowledging that. That was precisely my point, but I guess I didn't explain it very well. My concern is I KNOW I don't have enough training, but just because I have been employed for 5 months, the staff thinks I SHOULD know....there is my frustration. They don't seem to take into consideration I am only there 2 days a week and there is still a huge learning curve. There is no mentoring or support. I would like to stay with this hospital and post for another floor...but I need to wait a year before doing so.
  4. I accepted my first job on an inpatient psych unit about 5 months ago. Psychiatric nursing interests me and I am eager to learn. When I took this position, the hospital had just announced that it was just purchased by a larger hospital system. I was confident that this hospital would have opportunity and I could grow with an organization for many years to come. I was also confident that I would still be exposed to medical patients and utilize my clinical skills. (As told in my interview) Right from the gates there were disappointments. I was told I would get 90 days of training/orientation, and was put on the schedule as a regular staff nurse 3 weeks later. I feel that I was just thrown in the position and hit the ground running. I guess this is pretty normal. We do have some medical patients on the floor, but honestly, we barely have an opportunity to do a psych assessment on the patients, let alone a nursing assessment. Sadly, most medical concerns are ignored. They are usually only addressed to "save your butt", so to speak. I don't agree with it and feel like I don't get support from other staff when I do have a medical concern. Here are my concerns: I only work 2 days per week and 5 months later I still feel like I am struggling. I know that I am still a novice and it will take time to feel comfortable...BUT, my biggest complaint is not feeling as though I am getting mentored or support from the other nurses. Some nights I may have 12-17 patients ON MY OWN. This scares the crap out of me. I addressed this concern with my clinical manager and it was brushed off. I can assure you that most of the seasoned nurses don't know what's going on with their patients either. It's a mess on the unit and extremely unsafe. We have adolescents with geriatric patients, and throw a few sex offenders in there as well. There is no organization on our shift either. A new admission comes and it is just tossed to the nurse that happens to be in the nursing station...no rhyme or reason to assigning patient load. I feel like only working 2 nights a week is not enough to get comfortable and feel like I am learning and growing. Being in a disorganized, low morale floor doesn't help either. So, here we are 5 months later and I feel like I haven't learned enough in that time frame, but am responsible. It's a scary and unsettling feeling. I continue to ask questions, but it is to the point that they look at me like, "You should know". I'm not sure what I should do. I thought maybe I could throw my scenario out there for you all to read and provide feedback. Is this normal? Should I be feeling this way? I want to stick it out and I try to learn and absorb as much as I can. I also constantly read psychiatric nursing books for help/education. Although, I don't see any of our staff nurses utilizing these skills. (I'm just saying) Perhaps I should post for another position on a different floor. I don't want to lose my clinical skills, so maybe that would be an option. I also want to stick it out with the new "take over" because I think working for a larger hospital system has its advantages and I don't want to leave and not be able to come back. I don't want to make an rash decisions and not think them through. I hope you all can provide some perspective. Thank You!
  5. Although I do not have an answer to your question, it is something I ask to myself often. I wonder how different the stress levels are.... I am busting my rump in NS, afraid of failing and not sure if I am doing everything "right" in clinical. I have high anxiety to begin with, so clinical days and tests ReAlLy stress me out. But when I talk to licensed RN's, they tell me it is nothing like nursing school and to just get through it. Practicing as a nurse is a totally different animal. The other day I was an the ER with my son and all the RN did was ask me if he was allergic to any meds, had any medical conditions...yadda, yadda and put it in a rolling computer. I was like..."where is the care plan?" "what did she teach the patient"??????????? crazy.
  6. Strwbrywne

    PSU Altoona Second Degree Program

    Thanks for your reply!
  7. Strwbrywne

    PSU Altoona Second Degree Program

    Hi there...Don't mean to "hijack" this post, but I am trying to get information on Nursing Schools in the Altoona area and am not having much luck. Maybe some of you could give some insight??? I am currently in an RN program at a Community College in Harrisburg, PA. My family may be moving to the Altoona area early next year. My dilemma is, I will have finished my first 2 semesters of the RN program and not sure if I will be able to transfer the credits to another school. PSU Altoona's program allows you to apply if you already have a degree (I only have an AA degree, so that is not an option). I am not finding any NS in the area other than Clearfield, which seems is a program for LPN's???? And the local Community College in Altoona does not offer a program for RN. Anyone out there know of RN programs in the Altoona area I could contact to see if my credits transfer? Thanks for your help!!
  8. Strwbrywne

    Transferring nursing credits

    Has anyone out there ever switched schools in the middle of their program? My husband was just offered a promotion and we may be moving about 2 hours away. The catch is we will not know for sure until January of 2012. I could continue thru the Fall (2011) and complete my first year of the RN program, but not sure how that would work.... I have attempted to research schools in the area and have not had much luck in getting information. My other option is to transfer to the LPN program and graduate in December. In this scenario, at least I could sit for the PN-NCLEX. Thoughts?? Anyone "benn there, done that"?
  9. Strwbrywne

    It's really happening!

    Good for you! As a 35 year old starting my second career, you give me hope! You ROCK!
  10. I hear of so many students taking anxiety meds to get through nursing school. Is this the norm? I realize this is going to be a emotional roller coaster and am trying to prepare myself mentally. I was just curious if most students do take something to help them through it. I've been talking to some students currently in the program and was surprised to hear that so many of them do. Insight?
  11. Strwbrywne

    Reading Nursing Fundamentals prior to NS?

    I'm doing this too. I signed up for a website that sends me a dosage caluclation daily. Dosagehelp.com
  12. Strwbrywne

    Reading Nursing Fundamentals prior to NS?

  13. I begin clinicals in January for an ASN program. I am not taking any classes this semester and since I have the free time, I am reading as much as I can about the Nursing Process and related concepts. I just read "Nursing Fundamentals DeMystified" and thought I would also read "Nursing Fundamentals Made Incredibly Easy". Are these books recommended? Any thoughts of what else I might find helpful? I'm looking for material to gain a better understanding of the field and hopefully make the transitions a little less stressful (If that is possible). Thanks for your feedback!
  14. Strwbrywne

    Where are all the HACC Students?

    LOL! I wondered the same thing...where are the HACC students? When I do find info regarding the school, it's usually horrid posts about how bad the program is. I am extremely apprehensive about starting clinicals in January (2011) at the Harrisburg campus. I have no doubt that Nursing School is hard work and have been mentally preparing myself for the changes I am about to endure. Jumping into a full-time program is going to be culture shock for me. I have been a SAHM for 5+ years. My mornings usually consists of 2 cups of coffee, throwing in a load of laundry, emptying the dishwasher, and maybe a shower before heading out for a playdate or a trip to the grocery store! I try to take the information I receive from other nursing students with a grain of salt. Sadly, I know 7 students (yes, 7) that have not survived the program. Regardless of what their "story" is, I am not going to let it deter me from trying. I am excited to start this journey and have the opportunity to experience, for myself, what this program is all about. We just had orientation and I left feeling like the instructors were there to help you learn and gain the valuable experience needed to be successful. I didn't get the impression they were out to get people. I did witness bad attitudes and can see why some people would not have the mental ability to make it. (If you know what I mean) Good Luck to you!
  15. Strwbrywne

    HACC Nursing Clinical Input Please!

    You must be at the Lancaster campus? I am pretty sure you will not be there the entire clinical time. I think it is a worse case scenario. I am looking forward to orientation in November to get alot of these questions answered... Good Luck to you...
  16. Strwbrywne

    Do you think this is too much to do?

    I took both A&P II and Micro during a regular semester (along with having a husband, house to clean, 2 kids, and a part-time job). I survived, but it was tough. The summer courses usually are more crammed, so I think it depends on your ability to manage your time. Good Luck!