Pre-req's at Rio salado community college in az

  1. I just found out that I can take bio 156 instead of bio 181 this summer through rio salado to get myself into bio 201 in fall, which means i don't have to wait to take bio 181 til fall. Its a great news. however, I have never taken any online course before. Online courses make me little nervous because there is nobody to ask for help or ask questions to. Plus all the science classes at rio have esseys. did any of you take any prereqs at rio salado? if so please give me any informations or suggestions. I want to sign up for the class in summer so that i can still keep my job and work on the class. And maybe if its not a bad idea, i may want to do all the prereqs online so i can still work. I only have three classes to apply for nursing.
    Thank you very much for your time!:spin:
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  3. by   aawilwcb
    I am just finishing up Bio156 through Rio, it is a lot of work because of the fact that it is online. A lot of reading, research, and writing. I will probably end up with a B in the class, but I really think I could have got an A if I had taken this class in person. But I totally understand where your coming from, with kids and life I just could not take this class in person. I would worn you there are some not so great online instructors through Rio, mine was great, she really put an effort into the class and you can tell she really wants you to get this stuff as it is a basis for everything else. My instructor was JN, pm me if you need her full name. Final and midterm are worth half your grade so that can kind of bring your grade down, and the summer class will be really fast paced, but you can do it, good luck.
  4. by   UnicornRN
    I took the 8-week class. I ended up with a C, but only because I didn't take the midterm seriously. I wish I would have put more effort into studying for it. The 8-week class has you doing two lessons per week. The lessons and quizzes are not hard if you keep on top of it. They are not kidding though when they say that you need to answer all the essays in each week's lesson because it might end up on the midterm/final. It does. I am currently taking BIO 201 and just fininshed PSY 245. I like that I can start these classes in the middle of a traditional semester or start one and a few weeks later start another so I am not completely overwhelmed. I say go for it. Make flash cards and do all the homework. You can do it!
  5. by   fromtheseaRN
    have you considered taking bio online through any of the other maricopa cc's? i have taken AP through phoenix cc, and it wasn't that bad. all of my fellow classmates who have taken rio classes were miserable, and liked the other community college's online courses much better.
  6. by   3kiddos
    I'm thinking of taking BIO 156 also in 8 weeks, is it doable? I'm a stay at home so I have a lot of time, while my 2 older kids are in school. I also have a 3 yr old at home but she kinda entertains herself....
  7. by   UnicornRN
    Yes, you should be able to do it, no problem. I took it in 8 weeks while working full-time. You just have to make sure you really study for the mid-term and do all the practice essays each lesson. Good luck!
  8. by   3kiddos
    Off topic but how did you all do on the NET exam, is it hard? Do I need to get a study guide? I'm hoping to do that over the summer too....boy looks my schedule is going to be super full the next 3 years....
  9. by   W2BANU
    Hi there! I'm currently taking Bio 156 at Rio I've got a B so far. It's true what everyone says, there is a lot of reading and writing involved and also the lab and the lab report you have to turn in every week. Some weeks you have a lab, an online quiz (open book) and an essay to turn in. Some weeks just 2 of those three. So far I have only had one week where I only had one assigment.
    I am taking the 16 week course, I don't think I could manage doing the 8 week. I studied like crazy for the midterm they will not pass you if you do not get a least a 62 in each the midterm and the final, even if you get A's in all your other work. And when you get to the mid point and have to study 8 chapters, it can be overwhelming. I was putting 3 to 4 hours a day for a week and got 80%.
    I have 2 little ones that keep me busy all day, I manage to get at least a couple hours of reading during the day and try to get another 3 hours of work done after they go to bed.
    If you are self disciplined about your study schedule you'll do great. I think the biggest enemy of online learning is procastination. My instructor is pretty specific about what she wants especially when it comes to writting she gives really good feedback too, and is always checking in with you, so far it's been good. But I have seen on the forums people droping the class becuase they really do better with the class room enviorment.
    I hope this helps