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  1. What a great post, thank you so much for writing it. I start school in a few weeks and was worried about my choice, given all the negative posts that are usually published, I love allnurses.com, but sometimes it can be a real downer. This is certainl...
  2. Best Mattress for Heavy Soon-2-B Nurse?

    Hi, I'm not a nurse but I'd like to recommend a bed that's relatively unknown. My husband and I bought it because my in-laws have it so we got to try it for a whole summer, I can't be more sincere when I say I LOVE MY BED, it so comfortable. It is e...
  3. I Made It

    What a wonderful story, I really like the way you wrote it couldn't stop reading. Good job and good luck with your career.
  4. It's Just a Shower

    Great story! I have a lot of empathy for the way your patient felt about his shower, I feel water has such a powerful way of changing one's mood. I think about the ocean and how the sound, the smell, the waves just relax me and make me feel alive. I ...
  5. Thank you all who have commented and to those who will. I feel so touched by your responses:heartbeat. I want to write each and everyone of you, but I don't have the time. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I've always loved to write, since I was litt...
  6. Thank you for your wonderful comments mmiriamasher and Kathylorraine246. I am very glad I posted this article what an encouraging and warm response. I hope you are both right about my heart :)
  7. Thank you emboss, no what you wrote doesn't sound mean at all. It's a question I ask myself repeatedly. Thank you so much for your feedback and comments. I didn't know about the ear plugs, it's funny because I have earplugs all over the house, I need...
  8. Thank you bipin_Sam and MichelleB34 for your comments. This is my story. I was nervous about submitting it but I'm glad you 2 liked it. I thought it would be good for anyone that is on the fence like me. I think of it as a way to thank Sandy and to e...
  9. Quest For Girls

    I am so happy for you, women are so fortunate to have the option of reconstruction now days. I think it's wonderful that you went for it and that you'll get to enjoy the rest of your life with a renewed sense of your beauty inside and out!
  10. A small cot was placed next to her bed, so I could sleep beside her. In the middle of the night, my mother's small voice called for me to get the nurses (no call button then), the foul smell invaded the room and it hit me hard enough to wake me out o...
  11. Tales from the ICF: Ed-EEEEEEEE!

    That's awesome! My husband and I read the shack and He loves me and So you don't want to go to church anymore too and since have been avid listeners of the GodJourney. We met Wayne at small group gathering here in Phoenix. We don't belong to a churc...
  12. Tales from the ICF: Ed-EEEEEEEE!

    I love your stories viva you have such a heart for your patients!. I've seen the "living loved" line on your profile I was wondering if it had to do do with Wayne Jacobson and the Godjourney, if not never mind. Great stories keep'em coming.
  13. male nurse sexism? L&D in the ICU

    Alsmedic, I'm not a nurse I'm in pre nursing) but I did allow a male student nurse to assist when I delivered my first child. He was was very confident, very respectful and very competent. I still have a picture of him and my L&D nurse (who wa...
  14. Pre-req's at Rio salado community college in az

    Hi there! I'm currently taking Bio 156 at Rio I've got a B so far. It's true what everyone says, there is a lot of reading and writing involved and also the lab and the lab report you have to turn in every week. Some weeks you have a lab, an online ...
  15. From a happy and lucky Nurse

    I love your attitude. Your nursing experience is what I truly hope in my heart mine would be someday. It so easy to get discouraged by the negative stories but like they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" I hope some day I get to see nursing...