Pre-nursing transfer help!! Low(er) GPA..

  1. Hey guys!

    I've tried school counselors, the internet, etc. but am now turning to for some much needed help!

    First of all, thank you to everyone who reads this and provides some sort of response. I appreciate any and all information I can get.

    OK, so here's my situation. I know how ridiculously competitive nursing school is nowadays. I've completed ALL of my prerequisite courses for nursing school. I'm at a community college in California and have been there for three years now. The first year, I hadn't a clue how to get started--or even decide what major I wanted to pursue! But now I know 100% that nursing is what I'm here to do. However, I started out that first indecisive year by taking general education courses (which unfortunately included Chem and Stats) and I really didn't care much about classes since I didn't know where I was going in life. This resulted in my earning C's in both Chem and Stats (ugh--where's the do-over button?!). I have an A in Anatomy, an A in Physio, an A in Nutrition, an A in Organic Chem, an A in Psych, an A in Lifespan Psych, a B in Micro (however, the Micro I took was a 4-unit Micro, and I'll be taking a 5-unit Micro this fall which I plan to get an A in). In other words, I have pretty decent grades up until the General Chem and Statistics classes which bring me way down. I'm unable to retake those classes (since I didn't earn a "C-", just C's), so that idea's out.

    Depending on what school I'm looking at, I typically have a prerequisite GPA of around 3.4-3.6 (since we all know that each school has it's own little additional prerequisites)...

    I've taken the TEAS and the NET. I got an 87.5% on the TEAS, and in the 98th percentile on the NET. I'm up for re-taking the TEAS if it comes down to it, but since the 87.5% was my second attempt at the TEAS (I got an 84% the first time), and I know a lot of schools don't accept more than one re-do, I don't see much of a point. However, I do have volunteer experience (at John Muir Hospital in the E.R.) and I'll be taking my C.N.A. exam in June (I graduated from my CNA class in Feb '09 but haven't taken the certification exam yet..) so I'll have paid hospital work too. I also have a few excellent teachers who are more than willing to write me letters of recommendation.

    So this is what I'm trying to do: get into a generic BSN program. I don't have a B.A. or B.S. in any other field, so I can't do accelerated. I also don't have an A.D.N., nor do I plan on getting one (unless it's deemed a better option for me). My goal is to simply get into a BSN program. I know I can't be picky since my GPA isn't up to par and I have two C's on my record. That's okay with me because my ultimate goal is to get my master's and I figure I can go to a rock-star school for that after I manage to get into a BSN program somewhere (anywhere!). At the moment I'm just aiming for a program in the U.S.! Does anyone know of any colleges where I might have a shot at getting in to? I applied to Cal State East Bay (which is local for me) for the Fall 2009 entry, but was rejected. I didn't even make the waitlist! I also applied to Samuel Merritt (private school) which only has 4-6 spaces available for transfer students, so I'm not putting too much money on that.

    Also important to note is that I'm looking for transferring in for Spring 2010. Summer 2010 wouldn't be too bad either if there are still schools out there accepting Summer admissions. Just anywhere would be great, honestly. I'm very willing to relocate if necessary.

    If anyone has ANY suggestions/information for me, I'd greatly appreciate it if you left a reply. For example, if anyone out there had a GPA on the lower side and applied to a school (and was accepted or rejected--but please specify! ), please let me know details! You can absolutely message me school names and/or your GPA if you don't feel comfortable disclosing that information here. Also, if anyone got in with C's on your record (recently, as competition has gone way up!), I really need to hear that there's hope. I almost debated changing my major--ugh. ANY help would be awesome. Thank you all so very, very much!

    Trying to stay hopeful...
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  3. by   Future-nurse
    Only advice I could give is to look into the ADN programs since all the ones I applied to are lottery system as long as you meet the minimum of 2.8 - 2.5 gpa.

    Once you get an associates you can start making money while applying for bachelor programs or even a ADN to MSN programs and just skip the BSN altogether.

    Hope your able to get in a BSN program though like you want. Good luck.
  4. by   karmen87
    My advice is to apply to as many schools as you can. I suggest applying to USN-University of Southern Nevada. This nursing program is not impacted. They're actually accepting applications until August 1 for the Fall of 2009. All they require is a 3.0 for prerequisites and cumulative GPA. They also require an interview but they only do this to get to know your personality. I'm sure you have a high chance of getting in if you apply to this University. Good-luck!
  5. by   karmen87
    Don't give up. You have a really good chance of getting in if you keep trying. I also had 2 C's in my Anatomy and Microbiology pre-requisites but I re-took the classes at a different college, so the nursing schools I applied to, took the better grades. Universities let you re-take classes even if you get a C or above as long as you take it at a different college. If you don't mind changing locations, I suggest you also apply to out-of-state schools, since their nursing programs are not as impacted as CA's. I applied to almost 10 schools, and I got accepted to 3. USN was the first university I got accepted in. I also got into Calstate Eastbay-Hayward. I was on the wait list, and I received a voicemail only a week ago stating that two people dropped from the program. They asked me which campus I wanted to go to. I was very lucky, and I'm sure with your dedication, you'll get in somewhere too. Don't lose hope
  6. by   nurse12b
    My school gpa requirement is 2.0 even though they don't go that low but if you have over a 3.0 you don't have anything to worry about. And you don't have to take that Organic Chem which we all love. lol!
  7. by   i<3u
    Im in a similar situation so I plan to do the ADN/ASN-to-MSN. It all depends upon what is best for you! (However, I do think you should apply to as many schools as you can...BSN and/or ADN) Good Luck!
  8. by   AccelCNL
    I would advise you to look into LIU-Brooklyn, Pace University, College of New Rochelle,and Wagner College(NY)
  9. by   guiltysins
    Quote from AccelRN2010or2011
    I would advise you to look into LIU-Brooklyn, Pace University, College of New Rochelle,and Wagner College(NY)
    She's in California I don't think she wants that big of a jump lol.
  10. by   AccelCNL
    Quote from guiltysins
    She's in California I don't think she wants that big of a jump lol.
    That is what I thought but she did say in her message that she was willing to relocate anywhere.....

    Personally I am just glad that I am in NY...I could not deal with the mess of CA nursing schools and trying to get in.
    On top of that, the messed up budget is forcing some public colleges to greatly trim their programs.