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I wasn't going to do this, but oh well, maybe it will make some part of my brain feel better or what not. Anyway Has anyone applied or been apcepted to Phillips Beth Isreal School of Nursing in New... Read More

  1. by   Bayley
    No idea, but I was just planning on dressing casually as I would assume we will just be sitting there for most of the day and I'd like to be comfortable.
  2. by   Numwaht36
    thankx, btw i haven't gotten my pre-placement assessment or school ID because i just got back from vacation on saturday, is it too late? I feel so behind because i just checked my email and they was A LOT of emails and now I'm nervous. Oh and the books, has anyone purchased them yet? I probably need to go shopping right after orientation. Thanks for any help or advice. :]
  3. by   Bayley
    I should think they'll be able to work with you on scheduling the assessment, just ask someone during orientation. For the ID you just go to the BIMC (Bernstein Hall) to get it (bring the copy of the email though, becuase I needed that to get through security). I ordered most of my books online at and they have all come in now, but I believe they also have the books at the NYU bookstore and they should have everything in stock. Don't know if you ordered your uniforms yet, but if you didn't you should also ask about that during orientation. I missed the fitting they had at the school because I was upstate working for the summer, but I was able to just fax the company so hopefully my uniforms should be arriving soon. Good luck with everything and maybe we'll run into each other tomorrow!
  4. by   Bayley
    Oh, and also for the health assessment, bring documentation of any recent vaccines or PPD test. You will have to do two PPD tests unless you have had a test in the past year and if you've had any recent vaccines, like tetanus, etc, that will be one less thing you have to do as well.
  5. by   Numwaht36
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  6. by   Numwaht36
    The books you bought on Amazon, do they have the same publisher because the books i found match the author and edition/year but the publishers are different. Are they the same, should i order them?
  7. by   Bayley
    Here's the link for the books that I ordered from Amazon. I believe all of the information matches up:

    Dimensional Analysis for Meds:

    Fundamentals of Nursing:

    Taylor's Video Guide CD-ROM:

    Essentials of Nursing Leadership:

    Applying Nursing Process:

    Textbook of Med-Surg (recommended):

    Fundamentals of Nursing Study Guide (recommended):

    Fundamentals of Nursing Skills Checklist (recommended):

    For the pda products I bought everything through I'm not taking any general ed. classes except spanish, which they haven't posted the books for yet, but I'm Amazon would probably have those as well.
  8. by   Numwaht36
    How about for the prereq classes like english and anatomy and math for meds?
  9. by   Bayley
    Math for meds was the first book I listed, but I didn't order any for the pre-req classes because I already took those at a different school.
  10. by   Bayley
  11. by   Bayley
    I see what you mean about the English book having a different publisher. You should probably check that one out at the NYU bookstore just to be on the safe side. Did they post the books for developmental psych yet? I don't have it on the textbook list I saved to my computer.
  12. by   Bayley
    The anatomy and physiology also shows a different publisher so you might want to check with the bookstore first.
  13. by   Numwaht36
    Actually yeah they did, here is what they gave me:

    Development Through The Life-Span
    Berk Laura
    Pearson Education, Inc.
    (latest edition)

    I think this is it on Amazon: