Online Microbiology course.....?

  1. Has anyone taken Microbiology on-line and if so, through which school? And how was the course, easy, hard, ?????
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  3. by   justme1972
    I am also curious of anyone that has taken Anatomy or Microbiology online and any challenges they faced by not having a real instructor for lecture. I've never taken a distance learning course so I am a little nervous about doing something like that, considering many of these courses are so expensive.
  4. by   Batman24
    I have attached a link that has some excellent advice in it. Good luck!!
  5. by   12breakfree
    Quote from paulaking1978
    Has anyone taken Microbiology on-line and if so, through which school? And how was the course, easy, hard, ?????
    I'm taking online micro through fccj. The course itself isn't that hard, but it also depends on your instructor how he or she teaches. Mine is a good one as far as her teaching technique. For the anatomy, I wouldn't suggest taking it online, because it covers more materials and somewhat harder than micro. I can't say that for sure, but I took mine on campus.
  6. by   Hootiemcfly EMT-P
    Hey there,

    In order to fulfill my nursing pre-req's I took an online Microbiology class through Red Rocks community college out here in Colorado. Because I teach in the EMS department at the college I didn't want to take an on campus class and end up with my students in the same room in the same capacity.
    So, I took it online. It wasn't very difficult, but it was time consuming. (I took an accelerated 15 week version.) My professor, who's name I'm happy to provide if anyone is looking for the class, was FANTASTIC. Best I've had.
    I had to purchase the text, the microscope, and the MBK home lab kit.
    I also have those things if anyone is interested in them.
    There are a lot of schools in Colorado that accept online Micro, I'm not sure about out of state. So you'd have to check with the school you're applying to. It's on my transcript not as an online class, but as Micro itself, so it might be able to slide through either way.
    Please feel free to contact me with questions.....


  7. by   FineAgain
    I just finished A&P1 and Chemistry online at Red Rocks Community College, through CCC Online. I am taking A&P2 and Psych this semester, and Micro in the summer. I love the classes, and really learned a lot. You get out of it what you put into it, and I have heard that it is harder than a class you take in person. There is a lot of work, and it is all done by yourself, but the professors are great at answering and helping you any way they can.

    Yes, they are more expensive if you are out of state, but it is one of the few places where you can take online lab courses. And they are wonderful to work with!

    So...good luck to you!

  8. by   Hootiemcfly EMT-P
    I have all of the Red Rocks Micro stuff if you're interested. I'm going to post it on Craig's list this month for the spring/summer students.
    I love online classes, and Red Rocks and CCConline make it so easy!
  9. by   katyanne
    I would enjoy that so much. I would also like to contact your professors that were excellent to talk with them. I am a professor at a school in Texas.
  10. by   Hootiemcfly EMT-P
    I'll email him and make sure he doesn't mind my giving out his information.
    If/when he says yes I'd be happy to post it.
    He's well worth the instructor I've had in many, many years.
  11. by   katyanne
    Wonderful, I will be looking forward to your communication.
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  13. by   swags83
    I am taking the online micro course through RRCC this spring. I've heard different things about if you truley need the lab kit or not. Do you need it or can you get by without it
  14. by   Sand_Dollar
    ccconline is great! I have taken all my pre-reqs through them and Micro was my favorite class! You definitely need the lab kit if you plan on growing your cultures... that is unless you have some e-coli or agar lying around the house. lol