NYU Accelerated Program Applicants?

  1. Hello!
    Are there any other NYU Accelerated/2nd degree Program applicants on this forum? OR, current NYU program students? I submitted my application for the Fall, and am waiting to hear if I got in. I just want to chat/commiserate with other applicants.
    Good luck to all!
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  3. by   nurse2btracy

    I did not apply to NYU's accelerated program but I did apply to their basic RN program. I heard that they will not send letters out until May. Why do they have to wait so long.

    My biggest fear is getting in and then having to come up the tuition plus living expenses. I will be paying off my student loans even if I am in a nursing home!

    Good luck
  4. by   gogatsby
    I applied for the second degree program at NYU. I decided kind of late that I wanted to apply to NYU, so it was a mad scramble to get in letters of recommendation and all! I thought I read online that we're supposed to hear April 1st. Have you applied anywhere else?
  5. by   Agenyc
    I applied to the regular program as a transfer, and I think I have read everything written...
    My impression is that we will find out in the first couple of weeks of April, by mail, for the Accelerated Program and Transfers applying before by March 1st (for priority consideration). If you apply by April 1st I guess you'll find out in May. Good Luck to you all!
  6. by   Nikki422
    I also applied as a transfer to the regular BSN program..the only thing that bothers me about NYU is they require everyone to submit high school transcripts..Umm..ew. The one admissions person that I spoke to though just said I need to submit them before I attempt to register for classes, so I'm thinking they place little/no bearing on acceptance. I've been out for what feels like forever, have 70 college credits..I don't see the point in HS grades at this point...

    Anywho, enough of that..when I spoke to her, she said that we probably won't find out until the beginning of May, end of April at the earliest, and that's even with priority consideration. It's just a bit nerve wracking because most of my other acceptance decisions will be due back to the colleges with a deposit by May 1st..NYU is my number one choice..but...I don't know what's going to happen..I HATE ADMISSIONS!! UGH!
  7. by   Julialuk
    Hi Jen,

    So did you hear back? Good news?
  8. by   westeastcoastnurse2b
    I'll be headed there in the fall for the accelerated program!
  9. by   Julialuk
    Great! I will see you there! Where do you live?
  10. by   westeastcoastnurse2b
    Currently I live in San Diego, but I am moving to NYC in August!
  11. by   SFDRN
    I'm starting the 15 month accelerated program at NYU this fall, too. :spin:
  12. by   westeastcoastnurse2b
    This is great- we have a couple of forums now for the 2nd degree NYU program!
  13. by   ILOVENY08

    I am going to apply to the accelerated program for next January...do you guys like it so far? Do you know when the application is due or if you can apply now for Jan?

  14. by   mahkev2000
    I am looking forward to applying to the accel. program at NYU. I am curious about their application process. Can anyone tell me about their GPA requirements? How do they make selections? Is it a point system? Are they subjective in their assessments? Will they take into account things like volunteering and such?

    If anyone can give any advice or a heads up that would be great.