Nursing school and working a 9-6

  1. I need some advice ! I am going to be working on prerequisites in the spring semester coming up. Plan on doing them online or night classes but I've heard that that I can't work full time once I go into nursing school. I work Tuesday-Sat 9am-6pm and don't know if I can go to nursing school. So what was your experience and is it possible? How long were your clinicals and when? How did you manage it all?
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    It is exceedingly difficult to hold down a traditional, full-time job and simultaneously attend nursing school. The old adage is true- it you want something in your life to change, you have to change things in your life. More than likely, you will need to change your job, your hours, your living arrangements or something else if you want to become a nurse. The inconvenience of that for a few years vs. the payoff of a career in nursing is something only you can decide.

    best wishes
  4. by   verene
    That schedule would not be possible at any nursing program I have looked at, including those run as part-time evening/weekend only. While I have certainly known those who have worked close to full-time hours in nursing school, they had jobs that were able to accommodate their nursing school hours (e.g. on-call CNA who typically picked up nights and weekends).

    My own experience (admittedly in an ABSN program) is that any work must be part-time and flexible schedule. I have had clinical as early as 6:30am and running as late as 11:30pm.
  5. by   FutureNurseInfo
    If you have anyone to lean back financially while in nursing school, quit work and dedicate your time to schooling.
  6. by   caliotter3
    I worked full time night shift while I attended nursing school. I got off work in the morning and hit the highway for an hour and a half commute. Only attempted a night class one time. It just did not mesh with being on the job at 11 pm. This worked out as long as I was healthy and my car was in good repair.
  7. by   studentbear
    I'm in a state university BSN program and a close friend of mine is a community college ASN program across the country. Neither of our programs would work with schedule your job requires. At my school, we don't have the option to choose when or what day our class or clinical is. I don't believe my friend's school does either.
  8. by   meginnurse
    Wow! I commend you! I worked very little when taking prereqs. I don't think I could really grasp Micro/AP info while working. Please post how it goes. Good luck!