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I took my test on 1/27....I read on here some people are getting their results back in 12 days...well that's today. Does anyone who took their test that day have theirs back? How about those of you... Read More

  1. by   harrisrn2b
    how bad is a 104 composite score
  2. by   aminaasad
    good luck mikelee. the verbal part was hard. when are you taking your test?
  3. by   aminaasad
    good luck mikelee. the verbal part was hard. when are you taking your test?
  4. by   aminaasad
    The nln exam is the entrance exam for the nursing program.
  5. by   aminaasad
    my school accepts score of 110 or better. so it depends what score your school accepts.
    Good luck.
  6. by   mikelee1976
    I take to tomorrow!! I am so nervous.
  7. by   michelle9655
    omg! i got my results back in the mail today. i am SO nervous! but i'm not going to open them untill tomorrow because my boyfriend comes home from Europe today who i haven't seen in a month and i am not going to spoil our first time back by crying if i didn't do good enough on the nln. ahh! why couldn't it have come tomorrow! now i can't stop thinking about it!
  8. by   mikelee1976
    Okay just got home from taking the test. It was hard. Might have to retake this bad boy again. I noticed people retaking the exam. Is it different from the first? Do they make it harder because it is your second time taking it? please someone help.
  9. by   Lurdes777
    Question to those who took the test - do you remember ANY questions from the test? Which study guide have you used?
  10. by   stufnsuch
    honestly...I can't remember anything from the vocab or science, but I remember that there was a newton question in the math sections...something about how much a baby weighs in Newton...all the questions on this test are so hard that you can't remember any of're stressed out and freaked out. I've just taken it for the second time...passed but only increased my Math section (by 28 points). I live in NH and I'm applying to two schools nearby. Both schools require all your paperwork to be in by Feb 1st....then we play the waiting game. One school gets about 200 applicants, but only take 24 students...the other school get about 400 applicants and take 100 students.

    good luck to me!!! and to all of you too.
  11. by   michelle9655
    AHHH! i did it!!!!! i got a 129 composite score and i am in the 91st percentile! my school says they usually take the upper 80-99th percentile so i am hoping and pretty sure i made it!! i will find out in march for sure. hmm 2 more months of waiting.. :/
  12. by   aminaasad
    Hey mike, I know how you feel. I think i might have to take it over again also. I have not yet received my score but i dont think I did well. Keep in touch and let me know. How you did. Good luck
  13. by   Becca123183
    Ive noticed on this thread that everyone talks about waiting for weeks for their results, but Ive taken the nln twice and both times i took it was on a computer and got my score back within 5 mins of taking it. Am i the only one?