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wish me luck! my NET test is tonight. it is the sole deciding factor as to whether i get ino the program or not. the school i am applying for takes the top scores of the test......... Read More

  1. by   Mommycakers
    The NET stands for Nurse Entrance Test. It depends on the school you are trying to get into if you need to take a pre-admission test. You would have to check with your own school. Some schools have other admission tests which may be called another name like the TEAS or HOBET. The main focus of the NET is the math and reading portions. The NET that I took also had a grammar portion, science portion, testtaking skills portion and learning styles portion. If you do have to take a pre-entrance exam your school might have a specific study guide they recommend you use. My school had us use the one from
  2. by   MikeyJ
    The NET was insanely easy, if you ask me. You should definitely brush up on your math (fractions, decimals, percentages, etc.) but otherwise it really isn't that difficult. Ours had a ton of reading comprehension and some grammar and spelling questions. It also had anatomy & physiology, biology, cellular biology, and chemistry (very few questions for the sciences though). At our school they don't give us our specific score, persay. They give us what percentile we scored in and where our range where our score falls into. I personally got the 90th percentile and my score fell between the 950 - 1000 score scale.
  3. by   CRIMSON
    Good Luck, I am getting ready to prep and take also.

    Fingers crossed for you.
  4. by   beba42
    Good luck everyone. I'm also trying to take my net however, i don't feel i am prepared. I think i'm just going to schedule it and go for it. thanks for all the links they are all great tools.
  5. by   jrwoodall79
    well, i am still waiting to hear my results. its killing me! they said i should have them in three weeks, its only been two and i keep checking my mail compusively. if i am this bad now, how am i going to be when waiting to hear if i got in the program??!!
  6. by   violingirl
    I got my NET results in exactly one week. I was kinda surprised... because they told me at least 2. Hope yours come soon!
  7. by   jrwoodall79
    well i just got home and my scores are in! i got 97% in the math, 87% in reading. composite percentage is 92%, composite percentile is 99%!! which means only 1% of the people taking the test scored better than me!

    i am so excited.
  8. by   Northstar Angel
    :smiley_aa WTG, Jrwoodall!!! :smiley_aa

    I got a 99's a great feeling, isn't it??

    Good luck getting into your school

  9. by   MsMolly💋LPN
    Wowwww That is so great guys. I'm the newbie to the site and I take my test tomorrow morning. Wish me a lot of luck. I'm not that great with math, but I do think I'll pass the reading portion. Does anyone know what portion is the MOST important to pass? Like is the Math MORE important to pass than the reading is? Just wondering...
  10. by   libragirl
    i do not know if this web site will help any of you, but i wanted to post it anyway. this site will show you systematically on what to expect on the computer screen when taking the net test. good luck to all of you taking this test in the near future. i plan to take it soon myself.
  11. by   Arial
    Ok as i have read about not getting all stressed about the NET, but I am. I go tomorrow to take it and I don't know how well I will do. I have been studying the Cliff Notes Prep for the NET.....but some of that stuff is impossible. And then I see how well some of you have done and then I stress about that. I am all ready to be accepted into the school except for this Test. I have to believe that I am a good student, since it has been over 15 years since I was in High School. I have read in the forums what to expect in the test, but in comparison to what i have been studying there is alot of differences.
  12. by   RN2bemommyof3
    I took the NET last Saturday and felt well prepared. I used The Net, The Hobet, and The Help study guide and a few websites posted here. I, like most people, was more concerned about the math until I read here that you need to watch out for the reading comp portion. So I increased my reading speed before taking the test and I am so glad I did! I took the paper version and had the best proctor! I should receive my results by the begining of next week.