Nervous going into Nursing...

  1. Hello, I was in Nursing for 2011-2012 but I left the program because there were so many presentations to do(I know it sounds ridiculous but I have anixety with public speaking). I always had trouble with presentations in class ever since I started high school because English was not my first language. Every time I went in front of the classroom, I get nervous, shutter and become completely lost of what I was saying. I really regret the decision I made and want to re-apply for 2013-2014.

    How can I remove this nervousness? Who do I talk to? I am really tired of this...

    Any advice is appreciated!

    Thank you
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    I believe nervousness is from not wanting to look "stupid." My answer is fake it until you make it. It's something you have to do right? Make sure you practice, practice, practice your speech. If it is not getting any better maybe you should talk to a professional..he/she may be able to assist.

    Good luck!
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    I understand. I have had anxiety issues for years, including public speaking. I took a speech class in high school for college credit so that I could do it with people I knew (fairly) well. Practice is what helps the most. Make sure you know everything very well, review your speech over and over again, have others proofread it. When you get up there, take deep breaths and just focus on what you are saying. You don't have to look at anyone directly if you don't want to.
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    Some people are more extroverted than others. Some people are more comfortable speaking in public than others. But it makes everyone nervous.

    I used to do backstage theatre work in Chicago and EVERY actor I worked with was nervous before EVERY performance. One actor had been performing for 50 years and still got nervous before every time he went out on stage.

    Like others have said, practice is key. My husband teaches and he practices and practices... when he presents he usually looks relaxed and like it's no big deal. He is also an attorney and when he needs to go to a new court he usually stops by a week in advance to see what the other lawyers do, where they sit, etc. so that he won't be thrown by the room set up or by procedure. For you it might help to do your presentation last so you can see the things other students do that work or that don't.

    Since you are worried about your accent, try to think of ways you can make sure your point is accurately shared. Maybe you could write key words on the board or use a powerpoint. Then you can be sure your audience understands what you are saying and that will help you be less nervous. Search online for public speaking tips and that will help you too.
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    Everyone gets nervous when they have to speak in front of a group, some less than others but all the same. In my communication class we talked about this and came up with the conclusion that the more you practice, rehearse and prepare, the less nervous you will be. Also use a power point or notes just to remind you of what you have to speak about, do not read them. We all want to be accepted by our peers, and their opinion matters to us, our fear is that we may embarrass ourselves, have an opinion that others do not share, freeze up, or get laughed at. Whatever the reason approach the situation understanding that we all feel the same, try and lighten the mood a bit and be prepared, the little mess ups you make will go unnoticed and you will get better with time.