Need some advice on current situation...any help would be greatly apreciated.

  1. Hello everyone...this is my first thread ever posted so bare with me . Now my situation goes a little bit like this...I am completely devoted on becoming a nurse. Currently I am taking A&P 1 at grossmont I have most of my G.E. done, I just need to finish A&P 2 and Microbiology before I can get myself on the waiting list. Now I'm 19 years old which I believe is still young, but I was thinking..I have no clinical experience at all and i would love to work since im currently unemployed and have just been able to devote my time in school. Now i am really interested in a program that is given at concorde college for individuals who want to do surgical technicians. I was wondering if this in any way would hurt me later as i try getting into the nursing programs. Ive looked at programs that pertain to CNA,MA,EMT but being a surgical technician would be interesting while i end up on the waiting list at grossmont which i know will take a while. I would also be finishing the rest of my classes that i would need as prereqs for a BSN in nursing. So any advice would really help me a lot. Thank you all for your time hope to hear from you all soon.
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  3. by   Jules A
    I think surge techs have it going on in the OR, their job is way cooler than the RNs there. Around here it is a one year long full time program is that about what it would be in your area? Would it take longer than that for you to get into a nursing program? A plus would be that you could make a decent buck while in nursing school and very possibly have your employer kick in some tuition funds. I am always impressed by sharp young people like you. Best of luck with whatever you decide.
  4. by   DaughterofRuth
    If you're going to be on the waiting list for nursing school for that entire year, why not spend it learning something else if you have the funds to do so? The only drawback I could see is the courses will count on your transcript so you need to know ahead of time that you will get good grades, otherwise this could seriously bite you in the butt.

    Good luck! Let us know what you decide

    wishing I'd had this much get up and go 20 years ago ...
  5. by   GrossmontRN2b
    thank you all for your replies, it means a lot. Well it seems that my idea of trying to get a certificate as a surgical tech is giving me more trouble then i had envisioned it. So i have decided to just stay at grossmont (which is in san diego, California) and do my best. I will just keep going and continue to finish all the prenursing classes that you need for your bsn while on the waitlist here at grossmont for the nursing program that gives your adn. I wish i was able to go straight into a generic program for nursing but that would mean i would have to move and my parents don't have the funds to get me an apartment up north. There are some programs around here that give you a bsn but they are all private costing ridiculous amounts of money or their not accredited which means i would not be able to transfer any of my credits if i decide to go on to a graduate school. SDSU was on my mine but i know how hard that program is to get into with the point system, so my only option is to get my adn at grossmont and work a while untill i have enough funds to put me through the CSUF BSN program then work at a sicu setting for a couple years then apply for the nurse anesthetist program at CSUF..sound like a plan? lol well i know its all tentative but my passion is nursing and the quality care that the patient there ya have it . Thus any advice or words of wisdom would be great! Thanks again Tim.
  6. by   JaxiaKiley
    I'm getting my ADN first and then going for my BSN. It made more since for my situation. Plus, once I get my ADN, I can start working, and get tuition reimbursement to pay for my BSN! Good luck!
  7. by   vicky3269
    Hi Grossmont! You won't believe this, but many eons ago I used to go to Grossmont! I even went to Grossmont High School! LOL

    I have been living in the San Francisco Bay Area for a long time now, but Grossmont (and San Diego as a whole) was a wonderful place to be. I wish I would have done this when I was your age! I am 41 now and trying to start a whole new career as a nurse. Good luck in all your endeavors, it sounds like you will be a terrific nurse! How about an OR nurse? My friend's mother is an OR nurse and she loves it!

    All my best,

  8. by   Chantilly
    To the OP: I don't know how long the wait list is at your school so I'm not sure if you will have the extra time but, I recommend taking (if your school offers these) a medical termiology course and pharmacology after you finish your pre-req's and while waiting to get into the nursing program, I think that taking this classes would give you an edge for when you finally start the program. Also have you thought about getting a phlebotomy cert. or trying to work as an ER tech. Things to think about...but if I were you I wouldn't waste too much time or money on going through any programs or taking any classes that won't help you out in nursing school...Good luck to you in whatever you decide
  9. by   nurse4theplanet
    I would advise against going through the Surgical Tech Program at this college simply to secure a good paying job and experience while you are on the waiting list.

    I did the MA program through the same college. I ended up getting into the nursing program sooner than expected. The result: $8,000 in student loans for the MA program that would have cost much less if I had taken it at my community college, never worked as an MA except during my externship, and the credits did not transfer to my community college...or any other college in this area.

    You may be better off going through a CNA course. Just my personal opinion. Good Luck!
  10. by   caliotter3
    Looking at the whole picture, a CNA certificate might be a better bet. Little or no money put out on your part, depending on where you get your training. More impressive on nrsg school applications that give consideration to previous medical background (including if you have to write an essay). You can get some limited employment as a CNA which will be in your favor also. The surg tech option might have not have led to a readily avail or flexible position.

    I was in a BSN program. Some of my classmates were employed as CNA in acute care hosp. Not only were they well employed (good pay, benefits), they were lining up their RN jobs. Good luck on your decisions and efforts.
  11. by   GIRN
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  12. by   WDWpixieRN
    Quote from grossmontrn2b
    there are some programs around here that give you a bsn but they are all private costing ridiculous amounts of money or their not accredited which means i would not be able to transfer any of my credits if i decide to go on to a graduate school.
    this is a huge point to keep in mind....there are many people who attend voc schools or other schools that may qualify them for the nclex, but whose credits will not transfer later on down the line....these schools neglect to point this out to their students and after someone's paid a fortune to attend them, they are forced to retake a lot of the classes are one smart cookie!! best wishes!!
  13. by   puresass
    hi, i'm on the waiting list at grossmont right now & they're not kidding when they tell you it'll be at least two years of waiting.

    my advice would be to go for your CNA training. if you go through somewhere like the grossmont health occupations center (at west hills high school) it's wayyy cheaper than doing a surg tech or MA at concorde.

    concentrate on getting your pre-reqs finished with good grades & maybe think about applying to SDSU... you never know, you might get in if you try!

    good luck to you!!
  14. by   PreNurseKirk
    Grossmont! Kuddos for making your college decision at 19...I don't know you, but I am proud of you! I have a feeling you will have a glorious career ahead of matter what clinical experience you have before the program. Keep the dream alive and work hard!

    Wish I had been so smart at 19...well, I was smart and went to college but for my 2nd choice career (Art), not my 1st love (Biology)...but I am getting on track now, it's just a lot harder to do it now at 30...

    I take this scripture to heart a lot now...Jeremiah 29:11
    "For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."

    I have applied for fall 07 admission and have no clue (if I get in) how I will fund my life (bills/mortgage/car/preschool/etc........) This scripture help me remember that if this really is what my life purpose is, then God will continue to provide the way...which he has for the past 4 months!

    Like I said - great job for working towards you dream NOW!

    You can make a way!!!