Need help with degree plan!

  1. I am currently going to a community college and I am planning on doing their nursing program and getting my associates. However, I am planning on transferring and getting my BSN while I work as an RN. I only need three prereqs to get into nursing school (A&P 1 and 2 and Micro) but I'm really confused as to what other classes I should be taking. I talked to an adviser and she really confused me more.

    I have an English class, a few government classes and a few other classes that a basic associate of arts has (which is what my adviser said I would be getting but I'm doing nursing?)
    Am I supposed to take all of the classes needed according to the requirements for the BSN program I plan on applying for? Or do I only need to take the 3 Pre reqs and then apply to the associates program and take them when I'm working on the bachelors? I'm not sure if this makes sense, but I'm really lost. Any help would be very appreciated!
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  3. by   jess.mont
    I would look to see what courses you will eventually need for your bridge program - although my guess is that most if not all of them will be nursing courses, so you won't be able to take them to get ahead. What other liberal arts classes will you need for your ASN? Psychology, nutrition, etc.? I would take those, unless you need to be full-time and taking those now will drop you to party-time during the semester you "should" take them.

    I would get a copy of the ASN and BSN curricula and just go down the list planning when you'll take each class.
  4. by   Amber98
    Well I guess that's the other main reason I'm confused is that I really don't know what's required for my ASN. My adviser made it seem like I only needed the 3 pre reqs but I think the associate of arts and the nursing program are 2 separate things? I think I'm going to just set up an appointment with the university I plan on going to and figuring out what they recommend.
  5. by   Ciethekid
    An AA and ASN are two different degrees. I think what you adviser is trying to state is that you only need 3 additional pre-req classes to be eligible for the nursing program. Your AA will have covered most of the requirements for the ASN program with the exception of those 3 classes. Once you complete all the required pre-reqs for the nursing program and take the TEAS, then you will be ready to apply for the nursing program. Hope that helps.

    To be honest, if you expressed that you were interested in the nursing program from the beginning, then the adviser should have set up your schedule with the required pre-reqs from the start. That way, you avoid taking all those extra classes.

    Edit to add: Most nursing programs require that all pre-reqs are completed before applying to the program. It's how the determine who gets in and what not.
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  6. by   rob95
    You're right an Associates of the Arts and an Associates of the Sciences in Nursing are two separate degrees. Your adviser shouldn't have mentioned the the arts degree because it has nothing to do with the nursing program. The 3 pre-reqs you stated (A&P I and II and Micro) are pretty accurate. Majority of all associate programs have those same requirements , however, some programs may require additional courses so I would try and look on the schools online website and find the degree path for the program. The advisers at my school are the same way, they confuse you, and basically get you to take additional courses that aren't really needed. I found out everything I needed to now by finding it on the website and talking to the supervisor of the nursing program at my school.
  7. by   Apple-Core
    what school is this for?
  8. by   meginnurse
    Quote from Union-Jack
    what school is this for?
    Yes that's the important question. Each program has it's own prereqs and they can vary depending on the school. This also applies to BSN programs so, even if you think you know the BSN program you want to apply to, it may change which could lead down a path of taking prereqs you end up not needing.

    Typically, the majority of BSN programs require statistics, one or two chem classes, and possibly ethics/nutrition (sometimes these are also required for the AS as well). Be sure to get everything done for the AS first so you won't be delayed entering the school. Then take a look at BSN programs and prereqs. Good luck!
  9. by   EMikaelson
    Check with the advisers again and see if you can meet with the nursing program director or someone aligned with them because they will have the most accurate information. For most programs that I've found, they require similar course: Elementary Statistics, Microbiology, A&P 1 and 2, Chemistry, Lifespan Development, US Hist 1 and 2, Govt, and maybe a Philosophy Course.
  10. by   Paj14vr
    Also check if you need Statistics, I think it is needed too for your BSN. Might as well take it in a community college rather than paying a lot more at the university while getting your BSN.
    And if you can, check with a different counselor, or better yet a Nursing Program counselor. If your school has a nursing program, they usually have their own counselors to give you accurate information.