Microbiology - Summer 09

  1. My class starts on June 1st. Its a 10 week long semester and I'm taking it along with A&P II and General Psych. Thought I would start this thread since I know a few others have to be taking it this summer too. I'll let you know what we have in the way of assignments and tests when we start. We're using the Cowan textbook btw. I'm actually excited about this class, should be fun.
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  3. by   Piglet68
    You will like the class. Mine started on May 18th and is condensed to 6 weeks. We have a test basically every other day. The labs are very interesting as is the subject. BTW my class is using Tortora.
  4. by   SierraMoon
    I start June 1st, too. I bet it's going to be interesting. I know I'm going to be a handwashing fool during lab. The biohazard warnings have made an impression on me :chuckle.
  5. by   charleen920
    Hey I started micro May 22, I think it is pretty interesting so far! We aren't using a book just notes she gives us. I like it because we do more labs so its a lot better than just sitting there the whole time like in a&p.
  6. by   vlove
    where are you guys taking microbiology?
  7. by   Sand_Dollar
    I'm taking it online through ccconline.org and love it!
  8. by   julwh
    I start my microbiology class in late June so I will definitely be checking this thread!
  9. by   nursoon
    starting tomorrow, June 2nd, 6 week class.
  10. by   nursoon
    my mistake, 5 weeks, here is what it looks like.

    Jun 2 Chapter 1 History of Microbiology
    3 Chapter 4 Prokaryotes
    4 Chapter 5 Eukaryotes
    8 Chapter 6 Viruses
    9 Chapter 7 Microbial nutrition & growth
    10 Chapter 9 Microbial genetics
    11 TEST I
    15 Chapter 11 Physical/Chemical control
    Chapter 12 Chemotherapy
    16 Chapter 13 Microbe/Host Interactions
    17 Chapter 14 Non-specific defenses
    18 Chapter 15 Specific defenses
    22 Chapter 16 Disorders in immunity
    23 Chapter 22 Infections of the GI Tract
    24 TEST II
    25 Chapter 20 Infections of the Vascular System
    29 Chapter 19 Infections of the Nervous System
    30 Chapter 21 Infections of the Respiratory Tract

    July 1 Chapter 23 Infections of the Genitourinary Tract
    2 Chapter 18 Infections of the Skin/Eyes
    6 Chapter 25 Applied Microbiology
    7 TEST III
  11. by   SierraMoon
    We did the first 5 labs (3 were dry) and the first two chapter so far. First test is next Thursday. So far, it's been microscope and chem review. The three hour lecture is exactly as much fun as I thought it would be .

    My professor is really nice, I feel it's possible to do well in his class. Lots of reading, lots of writing but nothing onerous.
  12. by   Miss_Piggy.RN
    My class starts on June 29 The best thing is that no book is required for this class. But I am going to buy some cheap older Tortora edition. I can't wait!
  13. by   Sand_Dollar
    I finally had some time to sit down and print out my schedule for Micro. OMGosh!! I get 2 weeks for the first unit, but in a week and a half I have 3 quizzes, 1 exam, a lab quiz and *4* labs due. Guess I better get started, lol!
  14. by   vlove
    Good luck, Sand Dollar! I'm sure you'll do great!