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  1. by   FoxyRoxy21
    Quote from blessed061987

    please, please do not give up. i was in your same predicament last semester and i promise, it is not too late to bring your average up. i had 4 tests that averaged a 64 with 2 tests left. in lab i had an 89. i went to talk to the instructor and she told me that i better not drop her class, that i was an excellant student and i would get it! she was right. the next test i made a 97 and the last one i made a 95. on the final i made an 85. i just sat down with my instructor and even though she was rumored to be tough and rude and had a high failure rate, once i talked one on one with her, i realized how she wanted us to study and it all clicked! i took everything that she lectured to us, wrote it on a flashcard and studied the h**l out of them. the difference that i made was instead of trying to write each topic or section on 1 card (like i was used to doing) i wrote 1 thing. like when we had to learn the table on eukaryotics and know the difference between the various diseases and vaccines and symptoms, i would write 1 symptom with the answer of the disease or group on the back. i would have a stack of flashcards that was 4 inches thick, but it worked!! just break everything down to the easiest that you can, and it will help tremendously. believe me, i can relate, and i made it through micro with an 87 average!! just keep the faith. if it is meant for you to be a nurse, you will be!

    thank you!!!! thank you!!!! i am so happy i listened to you..... i am still in micro a month and some later with a 76.9% it still might be possible for me to get a b, but we will see if an 84% is something i can pull off. there is still two more exams, and yesterday i just found out i got a 101% on my unknown! yippie! i am so excited, this actually feels doable. i just had to tell you how much i appreciated you being there for me. hope you are doing well, talk to you soon!
  2. by   lisabeth
    I finished with an A.
  3. by   FoxyRoxy21
  4. by   Jilaweez
    Foxyroxy, i'm glad you didn't give up!! now you are almost done and with a good grade!! I wish I would've visited this forum more often because we could've studied together. Are you going on the little trip to NWC?
  5. by   GeneralJinjur
    My final was tonight. Grades have to be posted by next Wednesday. I have been right on the cusp for weeks, but have room to lose 13 points on the final and still have an A. Only 1 more test and 1 more paper til I can consider this semester over!
  6. by   catzy5
    Quote from TexasAngel
    I finished with an A.

    Congrats Texas way to go, sure feels good doesn't it!

    You have been accepted to NS now too right?

    I wish you well!!
  7. by   miss rochelle
    newb here, thought i'd contribute to this post. how about i tried some wishful bargaining with my micro prof ("is there any super last minute extra credit i can do?") for an A. my grade was an 89.1, if it were .04 points higher it would've been an 89.5.. and she would have rounded that to an A!

    instead of saying whether or not i could complete some super last minute extra credit, she reminded me that an 89.1 was respectable and that i still had the highest final exam grade (93) for all three sections of her micro classes. i think an overall A grade would have been so much better than scoring the highest on the final.
  8. by   lisabeth
    Quote from catzy5
    Congrats Texas way to go, sure feels good doesn't it!

    You have been accepted to NS now too right?

    I wish you well!!
    Thank you Catzy!!! I appriciate that. Yes, I was accepted, and cannot wait to get in there. I start in June.
  9. by   Jenny67
    My final exam is tomorrow. I still don't know if I got my unknowns right, but when I spoke to my professor this past Wednesday he told me as of that moment I had an 88 before the unknowns, and before he graded that mornings quiz (I think I got 2 wrong)...so I'm feeling pretty good. This has been a long semester, but I have learned so much!!

    Good luck everyone!!
  10. by   Cinqly
    I got an A!!! Woohoo!!

    Next stop, A&P!!
  11. by   JDLAStew
    My final is Tuesday---hope to learn what my unknown is soon...I'm nervous. Right now, I've got an 87.2 in the class without 2 take home tests and homework graded. I just want out!
  12. by   Jilaweez
    I waited to take Micro last because I was afraid it would be too hard for me. I have one last test which is going to be open book! I know I will do well on that and I have a few extra credit pts which put me over 100% for the semester, and I was worried how I would pull of a 92% to get an A. I can't believe it was so easy and I worried for nothing. Thank goodness it's almost over though. I can't wait for summer!! Best wishes to everyone.
  13. by   ally21
    Way to go everyone who has managed to pull off high grades in their micro class! I'm extremely happy for you guys! My final's tomorrow and I'm far from receiving an A in the class, but that's OK. The final's worth 200 points and I need 90 more points to pass the class so I'm praying I get over 90 points on it. I realllllly don't want to have to repeat micro because it's so difficult not to mention A LOT of work. I think I did more work in this micro class than I did in any other class my entire years spent at college. It's ridiculous, but I've learned so much from it.