Micro before A&P?

  1. The first semester is winding down and now it's early spring registration week. Since I am a current student, but haven't technically earned any credits yet, I get to register the very last day of early registration week

    I had already made up my preferred class list before registration opened (that way you can register all classes at once vs searching for each one then registering). This, however, doesn't save you a spot in the class. I put A&P1 on. There is one evening A&P class that had 24 spots. I checked this morning and the class is full! I don't get to register until tuesday. Blah.

    I will keep checking but if a spot doesn't open, I will have to fill the spot with another class. THere are several spots still left open in Microbiology but I'm hesitant to take it first because a friend who is a nurse said to take it after both A&P classes.

    So those of you who have been through both, should I take it last or does it even really matter? Under micro, the only thing it says is it is strongly recommended student have recently taken high school chemistry and biology or completed the basic biological concepts class which I am finishing up right now.

    If nothing else, I have a bunch of other classes I can take. I just wanted to get the major science ones started.
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  3. by   MB37
    Have you taken any bio at all? My school required intro chem and bio as prereqs for micro, and then micro was a prereq for A&P. It could be different in your part of the country, but our A&P class assumes knowledge of basic chemistry and micro. I haven't heard of any schools that require it the other way around, although some don't have a strict order of prereqs. Again, it may be different where you are, but that sounds backwards to me. I say take micro now! Good luck!
  4. by   West_Coast_Ken
    Quote from IaCountryGirl
    THere are several spots still left open in Microbiology but I'm hesitant to take it first because a friend who is a nurse said to take it after both A&P classes.
    I found little overlap between A, P or M, frankly and thus the order didn't matter one whit.

    The real problem with prereqs isn't the order, but the availability of the classes as you have found.

    Take whatever you can NOW is my recommendation. Their are some courses where prereqs do matter but it's actually much fewer than the schools claim. If I had listened to those supposed counselors I'd still be taking classes.

    Good luck!
  5. by   puresass
    every school is different. my school doesn't have any requirements about whether you need to take micro before or after A&P, but it did have a chemistry pre-req for micro. for MY micro class at least, knowing A&P wasn't necessary, but maybe at your school the cousework for micro & A&P are more closely interrelated since your friend told you to take micro after A&P. if it were me, i would talk to a couple more people that have taken all three classes & see what they think.

    good luck!! hopefully you get all the classes that you want/need!
  6. by   arciedee
    I would assume that if A&P isn't listed as a pre-req at your school and you already have the required pre-reqs for it under your belt (which it sounds like you do) to go ahead and take micro now. I, too, found little overlap between A&P and micro beyond the basic bio concepts, so you should be fine.
  7. by   IaCountryGirl
    THe basic biological concepts class was a refresher on bio and chem. A&P is a prereq but micro is not. BUT the big thing is, my school requires you to take all 7 prereq's and all 7 gen ed classes before you can be put on the wait list if you are going for the evening/weekend nursing program. At this point, that's what I plan to do but also thought if things in life change for me, then maybe it'd be best to get all the prereq's out of the way first then see how things are going and if things are good, get on the day program list then finish up the gen ed classes while waiting.

    That's a big if though- I really don't think the day program will work with the kids school schedule. It's not a huge deal to me; just wanted to have options.

    Also, my friend went to a university in a different town so I don't think I can really compare the two schools. Maybe I should just try micro first to see what it will be like, then I can always drop it for something else within the first week.
  8. by   DaughterofRuth
    I'm currently taking Micro and (due to scheduling issues) haven't yet taken AP. I'm not having any problems due to a lack of AP background. My CC does require taking an intro to allied health class before AP which is basically catching everyone up on basic science with some biochem and DNA thrown in, which I took last semester.
  9. by   smattles1of2
    I took Micro before A&P and I got an A. I'm in A&P now and I don't see how any of what i've learned would have helped me in Micro. But then again, my A&P teacher gives us the "A&P for dummies" version and doesn't go into details!
  10. by   NaomieRN
    Check with your college to see if you are able to take micro before A&P, like others have said, every school is different.
  11. by   TxGirl1982
    If Micro is what is available at the time my suggestion would be to go ahead and take it...When I was in the process of taking my sciences, I took Micro and A&P together, and had no problem got an A in A&P and a B in Micro...If you're school doesn't require taking one as a pre-req for the other you shouldn't really have a problem. I don't remember seeing any overlap in my Micro class that would've required me to take A&P first. Good Luck!!
  12. by   kalmeira
    That's interesting. At my school A&P is a pre-req for micro, and I think that micro would be hard without it, but maybe the micro at your school has a different curriculum. It's different everywhere. If you can take it first, than go ahead. It's good to get as many classes out of the way as you can.
  13. by   TRSL76
    I say take the Micro if that's the only class open. I'm in Micro right now and I have already taken my A&P's. I agree with everyone who said there is very little overlap. Also, many of the instructors have recommended taking Micro as soon as possible after Biology...(I didn't har this before I decided on my classes.)
  14. by   IaCountryGirl
    THanks for everyone's input. I am going to go ahead with Micro now. There's 11 spots left and I can register tomorrow at 8 am so you can bet I'm going to be up early and at my computer waiting :chuckle

    I am going to wait for fall to register for A&P. By then I should have enough credits racked up that I can score a spot. If I take two of the minor classes this summer, then take both AP's in fall and spring paired with two 1 credit hour classes that only last a couple months, then I will be able to get on the wait list after that spring semester.