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  1. by   tanianurse
    Love this forum. Thanks for the websites. I'm taking math for health science as part of pre-requisite fall 07.
  2. by   dookiebird
    You are Fantastic. I am just starting classes and am Down on Math. I m actually doing well with much effort. I think of math like I think of reading a foreign language. This is a great site. Just what I needed to remind me that math will truly be part of my life, not just something put on this earth to make me suffer. Thanks so much. I see nursing has been part of your life for quite some time, so your knowledge is appreciated.
  3. by   nurse2b2010
    anyone out there proficient with chemistry in balancing equations, theoretical yields, and percent yields. I am really lost and have a test on Wednesday (tomorrow) at 10:00 a.m.

    Late notice, I know - but I am ready to pull my hair out!!!
  4. by   nurse2b2010
    Hi nursing students. Have any of you pre-nursing students ever doubted your abilities to become a nurse? I love people, love helping others, find medicine interesting, but am having such trouble with chemistry, I am questioning my abilities. I scraped by with a C in Biology 101, but I did it over a summer course which was a 5 week course with 15 weeks worth of information. My overall GPA for the spring semester 07 was a 3.46, but then dropped to a 3.077 and now I am at a 3.15 and I still have three classes left to get my grades in. I am hoping to get into the Fall 08 program, but sometimes I get really nervous and scared as to whether I can really do this and if it is the right career choice for me. I am an older returning adult student beginning a new 2nd career. Any advice on how to alleviate my fears and doubts?
  5. by   saltlake
    Is there anywhere you can go for practice math questions for peds?

  6. by   SAHMStudent
    Thank you all for posting these links. I start classes in a little over 3 weeks and just had a baby- I needed to brush up on my math skills. Thanks!