Lifespan without Psych 101

  1. I'm working on my prereqs for ABSN/direct-entry MSN programs. Most of these programs require a "human development throughout the lifespan" class. My school requires Psych 101 to be taken as a prereq, but I've noticed there are online offerings of the course where intropsych is not required.

    Just wondering from those who have taken lifespan - did you take Psych 101 first? Did you feel it was necessary to do well in the course?

    I'm paying OOP for every class I take so if I can avoid an extra course, I'd prefer that
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  3. by   CMerin
    I am currently taking a human growth and development throughout the life span course and have taken an introduction to psychology course in the past. The first three or so chapters was purely intro to psych material and there are intro to psych concepts scattered within the book. However, I would say that I would still be doing well in this course even if I have not taken an intro to psych class prior to this.
  4. by   FutureNurseInfo
    Unless the school you apply to specifically states they require psych 101, do not take it. I did it, because it was a pre-req for lifespan at my university.
  5. by   secondtimer14
    Thanks for the feedback!
  6. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    I took Psych too, but I don't think you need it to do well in Lifespan Growth/Dev.
  7. by   karmachameleon
    I took psych before my human development course, and I don't believe it made a difference to me. I personally would not take the course if it's not required
  8. by   Wiggly Litchi
    My into to psych class was a complete waste of time. My professor taught nothing; she spent the 3hrs/week screaming at the class and telling us we'll amount to nothing.

    I'm taking lifespan this semester and having no trouble with it whatsoever. I wish I would have been able to skip taking psych 101, but it was a prerequisite for us
  9. by   Scrubs&Pearls
    I had never taken any psych class and took the human development course online through Emory this Summer. I also took chem 1 with lab (not online) and made high As in everything.
  10. by   Al Kalosis
    Maybe it is a misprint in your school's catalog? Try to register for it and see what happens. If you can find an online version, this will save you some time - Lifespan Psych is not a course for which you need a brick & mortar classroom. Good luck.
  11. by   secondtimer14
    Thanks everyone! And thanks for the tip about Emory! Open to more recommendations for online offerings if anyone has them
  12. by   meginnurse
    I took these two courses together. There was a lot of overlap between them and I did not see the purpose of PSY100 if human growth and development is required. My program requires both so I had to take it. Try PSY205 online at Waubonsee. They offer an accelerated as well as a regular class. PSY100 is recommended but not required.