Ivy Tech Fall 2019 Hopefuls

  1. I don't believe there is a board already started. I am ready to take my TEAS test in January and apply for the Fall 2019 nursing program. I just wanted to make a board so we can all keep each other up to date. I am only able to apply at my main campus in Lafayette, IN in the Fall so I decided to wait. I hope this is a place we can offer each other support and share our scores before we wait for the news! Good luck everyone and study hard!
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  3. by   Kotylynne
    Hi! I am currently down to my last three pre reqs, hoping to start in the fall too !!!
    I would be going to the Fort Wayne campus, only option.
    How has it been so far for you?!
  4. by   Aspiring Nurse94
    I have done all my pre-reqs as I transferred in so I am just waiting until January for the TEAS and am applying at Lafayette as my main, second Indianapolis, and then Logansport
  5. by   Kotylynne
    I think I am also taking my TEAS in January but I'm confirming the date with my advisor next week. It was all crazy when we were discussing it the last time