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Leadkrm is a RN and specializes in Pediatric Burn ICU.

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  1. Central Lines in Burn Patients

    I know this is an old thread, but I figured I would chime in on what we do on large TBSA burn patients on my unit. We do central lines either in the upper arm or IJ. They are sutured in place and our dressing is just a sterile 4x4 gauze soaked in Iod...
  2. Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    Well that’s good for you. Idk why the teachers up in Lawrence try to make stuff so hard. Even their advance physiology was was harder than the same class in Columbus. I wonder when I should start back up at school for my BSN or if I should go straigh...
  3. Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    No worries. If you want to send me a message I’ll get you some info. I recommend doing supplemental hours instead of part time or full time. It’s a bit more manageable with the school schedule. I’ll find out which units are hiring at the moment and l...
  4. Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    I think they find out in September.
  5. Starting out in the burn icu

    It’s not so bad so far. I’m gaining knowledge and techniques. The smells and visuals don’t bother me. It’s the crying and screaming. I have a good structure to lean on. I’m happy where I am now.
  6. Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    Good to hear.
  7. Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    Just do me a favor doll. When you finish, come to Riley and heal these kiddos with me haha
  8. Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    It’s worth it. The world will be better off with people like you becoming nurses. Thank you for trying so hard friend.
  9. Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    You are more than welcome. Never give up if it’s your dream. I hope you get in and impact lives for years to come. I will be crossing my fingers
  10. Starting out in the burn icu

    I have to be honest. The learning curve is steep. I’m getting in a decent groove with the easier patients. I still struggle with time management. I still have a large amount to learn. It will get better, but for now, I’m flying by the seat of my pant...
  11. Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

  12. Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    If you have any questions or concerns, just add me on Facebook and I’ll probably get the messages faster than here. It will all go well. You have the right outlook and it’s half the battle
  13. Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    Thank you for the confidence friend
  14. Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    It does tend to feel that way. Just remember that school is only preparing you for the NCLEX. When you start work, don’t be disheartened when/if it feels as though you know nothing. It felt like starting all over again. I must say, through all the st...
  15. Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    It is hard. I’m doing decently at work, but there are a lot of things that school won’t prepare you for. Hang in there and get into the program. I would say that work is scary right now and I am worried a lot. I know I will gain confidence and get be...