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  1. Leadkrm

    Blast from the past...

    I have a great collection of Power Rangers memorabilia. I have re watched many of the season of the show. They are all very corny and I think that it’s part of their charm. In my opinion, they are so outlandishly corny that it’s what actually makes it funny and whimsical. I think it’s great to revisit things from our childhood. MMPR is always going to hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for sharing
  2. Leadkrm

    Trigger Warning!

    Maybe that would help. I remember in nursing school, we did mock interviews to practice for when we had job interviews. Then we gave our opinions to each other in order to try and help them improve their interview techniques. Almost half of the people I got paired with made a comment to the effect of ,” don’t make eye contact when you speak because it seems aggressive.” I was bewildered by this. I interviewed for 3 units in the same week while looking for a job out of school. I brought this up to the unit managers that interviewed me and they all said that it’s a trend they have noticed in the last 5 years or so. No eye contact, lack of body language. Especially body language indicating confidence. The conversation unraveled about the newer work force topic for around 30 minutes each time. It let the unit managers vent about some frustrations and gave me a personal link to the manager, which I always try to obtain when interviewing. I got peer interviews scheduled for each unit, but the unit I really wanted offered me the job after the first interview. The reason I bring up all this in my reply is because I believe my greatest strength is the ability to engage in small talk, connect to people’s personal interests and discuss opinions without hurt feelings. These interpersonal communication techniques are becoming a lost art with all the impersonal technology. If these hospital programs would improve those skills for new nurses or students, I’d be all for it.
  3. Leadkrm

    Conflict of Interest

    Who here had enough time outside of nursing school and a flexible enough class schedule to allow 3 jobs and stripping? Not me.
  4. Leadkrm

    Trigger Warning!

    New nurses and nursing students these days can’t make eye contact, handle constructive criticism, or engage in a conversation of any actual substance. This is a blanket statement and does not apply to everyone of course. I loathe being around people my age. They need constant attention and praise or they break down and curl into the fetal position. If they forget their phone in their bag, they can not function. It is scary to think that the future of nursing could possibly be ran by these people. Oh yea, trigger warning
  5. Leadkrm

    Anyone else regret becoming a nurse?

    Maybe you aren’t cut out to be a floor nurse. Look into something like case management or behind the scenes type stuff. I haven’t met an RN who struggled to find a job. Maybe the job market in your area is saturated and a move might be beneficial for you. I’d also reach out to unit managers that have interviewed you and ask them how it went and to give you feed back in the experience. At the end of the day, no one wants to be unhappy in their career. If you have to bail, then do it before you waste more of your time and energy. If you hate it to the point that you detour other people from going into the profession, I don’t know what to say that might help you. I hope that you end up wherever it is that is best for you. Good luck in the search.
  6. Leadkrm

    Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    I had no trouble finding a job. I had 2 offers that I turned down in hopes of getting on the unit that I wanted. It paid off and I start orientation on Monday for the burn icu at Riley hospital. I worked as a tech at Riley during school and that seemed to make it easier to get what I wanted. I hope you reach out if you have any questions.
  7. Leadkrm

    Most Burned Out Nursing Specialties?

    I have heard that psych is where the burned out nurses go for treatment and recovery.
  8. Leadkrm

    Maternity Clinical Advice

    The OB clinical was only half a semester for my school. I was able to go to the NICU, postpartum, antepartum, and the nursery during my 8 week clinical. When it came to patient care, just remember that mom and baby are both the patient in postpartum. Just like any patient, make sure you use aidet to inform them of what you are coming in the room to do. They are usually very tired and want plenty of rest. In antepatum, the parent or parents to be were usually nervous or anxious and just needed reassurance on what was going on. I only observed in the nicu and the nursery was a lot of feeding, changing and rocking babies. The best part of the clinical. Brush up on some cultral behaviors of different people just Incase you have a patient that has a different culture than you. It’s really interesting to see the ways different cultures experience pregnancy and the subsequent stages of labor and child birth. I’m definitely not an ob expert, but I hope my experience with clinical helped a little
  9. Leadkrm

    Starting out in the burn icu

    Thank you very much for your time Mike. I look forward to looking into the resources that you listed. Your insight has been noted and is helpful.
  10. Leadkrm

    Starting out in the burn icu

    Hello everyone, I am a new grad RN. I was a tech in the hospital I put in all my applications at. I only really wanted to work on the burn unit and it was taking a while for them to contact me. I turned down 2 other offers waiting for the burn position and I found out about a week ago that I got the position on the unit. I couldn’t be happier. My question is, what should I be reading up on before I start? Orientation begins the 11th and I want to be brushed up on some common burn skills, common meds/fluids, interventions for patients as well. Is there anything I’m over looking? I want to be prepared for my team as much as I can. Any pointers will be much appreciated. Thank everyone for their time in advance.
  11. Leadkrm

    Ivy Tech Fall 2019 Hopefuls

    There are only 3 pre req classes. Do you mean 3 co req classes? If you can, take microbiology because it transfers to more places for your BSN. It is the hardest class I’ve ever taken at Lawrence campus.
  12. Leadkrm

    Ivy Tech Fall 2019 Hopefuls

    Good luck to everyone. It’s not as bad or scary as everyone makes it out to be. I just graduated the Lawrence campus Dec 15th, passed nclex on the 22nd of January and start my new job on the burn icu at Riley hospital on the 11th. The hardest part of school is the short notice of scheduling and the time commitment to clinical and out of class things like service learning for ob peds and mental health clinicals. It will be overwhelming to stay on top of prep u assignments and pharm is a bear, but all of it is very doable.
  13. Leadkrm

    Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    I passed the exam and now have my license. Thanks for the companionships and stories along the way. If anyone wants to stay in contact or needs any future references let me know.
  14. Leadkrm

    Ivy Tech Fall 2017 Hopefuls

    I start my new job on the burn unit at Riley on the 11th. I take my nclex in the morning at 8am. Wish me luck and congratulations to others who have already taken it and passed.