I'm going to fail my Anatomy & Physiology lecture class...

  1. I just came home from school from taking an exam and i'm pretty sure i failed it even though i studied for it. The material i studied was not on the exam. I haven't done well on the past exams and i made the mistake of not dropping the class and now i know i'm going to fail. I've been sitting on my bed crying about it for the last 30 minutes and just completely freaking out about how this failure is going to affect my future. My "A" average GPA will be ruined, i won't be able to get into nursing school now (One of the nursing dept. advisors at my school said that of you failed a class. Nursing school's just would not accept you into their program.) IDK if she was maybe exaggerating about that but, either way, i'm just really worried.

    Have any of you ever failed a class? Is it possible to still get accepted into nursing school, even though you failed a pre-req. class? Or should i just find another major then?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Do you have time to drop with a W? Although not the best solution, it is better than getting an F, D, or C even.
  4. by   studentsara
    Can you re-take the class over the summer or fall and have the new grade replace this one? Our nursing school allows that.
  5. by   StuffofLegend
    No, the drop date was a few weeks ago. I don't have that option anymore.
  6. by   StuffofLegend
    Quote from sarakaut
    Can you re-take the class over the summer or fall and have the new grade replace this one? Our nursing school allows that.
    Yes. Here's what it says on my school website:

    "You may repeat courses if you received a "W," "U" "D" or "F" grade.

    All courses, both the original and repeated, will appear on your transcript, along with the grades you received in each class. However, your cumulative GPA will be recalculated to account for the passing grade only."
  7. by   mangopeach
    Sorry, you are having difficulties. At this point, as cliche as it sounds, no point in crying over spilled milk. Yes some schools do look at repeated courses, even if you got an A the 2nd time around. Some will average the 2 grades and others will just look at the new grade. Or in some cases, as in my school, although they don't officially say it, the student who got the A the first time around vs the student that failed and got the A the 2nd time around has a better chance of getting a spot. Having said all that, no point in crying about it. Now you need to come up with a strategy to ensure that you will be successful when you retake it. What do you think caused you to not do well? Was it time? Was it your studying style? Did you just not grasp the material? You have to identify where your weakness was so you can refocus when you take it again.

    I would not say that its impossible to get into nursing school once you've failed a course. It might be more difficult though. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, apply to different programs. It would be good to know ahead of time how the schools you plan to apply to deals with the repeated courses. I'd probably want to apply to those that just look at the new grade vs those that do an average.

    Good luck!
  8. by   dannipoint
    StuffofLegend, in my spring 2010 semester I failed 4 classes because my brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia and it was very hard on me. I was not able to attend classes and my grades suffered. I did not withdraw because at the time I needed to be covered under my parent's health insurance.

    I received an F in AP2, COM 102, SOC 101, and CPR. I retook all these classes and received A's and I was still accepted into nursing school. however, I go to a community college not a university, so there might be different standards. But, my advice to you is never give up and retake the classes you have failed. Show them that you can succeed in the courses you failed. Good luck to you!
  9. by   RNmom2g1b
    Try and find some of the information on you tube. It really helps! you would be surprised at how many credible videos there are on heart and lungs Gi, Gu , you name it! This has been my way of studying when my eyes couldn't take another page of reading.
  10. by   2011NursingStudent
    You must still have finals and lecture exams and lab practicals left, no? Just do your best on those.
  11. by   Amnstokes
    I would encourage you talk to your Professor! Many of them have been in the exact same shoes as you and some are quite understanding. The biggest thing I can preach is communication with your profs!

    I was struggling through Micro but I worked my ass off and I learned a lot. I had a 4.0 until then and was really fretting the class. I met up with my instructor and shared my concerns (and didn't start it off with, but Sir, I've got a 4.0 and you're ruining it) and asked what I'd need to do to pull my grade up. He was totally understanding, told me to work my butt off in the lab, as I was already doing, and just give it 110%.

    He told me later, we've become friends since then, that he was keeping track of my time in the lab and talking with the lab techs about me and my studies, and when I earned an A, and was shocked about it all, he flat out said, "You earned the grade you were given."

    I'm not trying to say that if you talk with your professors, everything will work out exactly like you'd like it, but if you're open and honest with them from the beginning, you'll find they're quite decent people!
  12. by   kimka
    I know my school requires a B average and I had to retake it once. It was no big deal, I actually transferred schools when I retook it and I got accepted no problem. I know of other class mates that did the same too with no issues. To make your next semester easier I suggest you check out.

    Anatomy and Physiology

    Also something that really helped me out was purchasing these flash cards, and studying them on the go. I would look at them when I was checking out at the grocery store and stuff like that. I really think that is how I passed it with an A!
  13. by   bigboi
    First of all, you mentioned you have an A average? Correct me if I'm wrong, so this means you have a 4.0 GPA? So failing one class is going knock your GPA so low that you wouldn't be accepted to nursing school. You might wanna quit being so hard on yourself. Retake the class and find effective ways of gleanning the materal and you'll be fine.
  14. by   AnitaDrink
    I love this thread because I'm in the same position. I totally tanked the practicum and did extremely well on the test. To be honest, I actually tanked on the multiple-choice questions as well.

    I was dead tired from work and for some reason I got the highest grade on the essay, demonstrating 100% accuracy in the physiology part. I'm an older student myself and I withdrew to save my GPA so I can get into a nursing school on a later date.

    It was good choice for me because I wasn't ready and the test results proved it.

    Also the other students just irritated the **** out of me. There's so much competition and not enough collaboration. I thought I was going to get shanked by another classmate because they were med school bound.

    Speaking of med school bound kids, I spoke with my primary care physician and she said that those kids who wear pins declaring their medical majors so early on, end up as interior decorators. Burnout (wah-wah)

    As for me, I plan on taking it again when I'm in a better headspace and can exercise better discipline with the materials.

    For anyone who does fail or is in a similar position, please don't give up. Part of the nursing pre-reqs is psychology and we've all learned that there are all types of learning and circumstances, which affects our ability to succeed.

    Sometime you just have to say it was simply kismet; that you didn't do well this time.

    But NEXT time, you're going to f*cking kill the exam and blow the professor out of the water.