I got rejected again - page 2

I got my letter from Nassau Community College. I have been turned down 2x now. I will reapply to the department in the Spring. I also applied to the radiology technology department for the fall. ... Read More

  1. by   treeguy
    In my school you have to get an A in algerbra and score a 90% or higher on the math proficency exam. Take the math over. In my school, C's are the equavilant to failing. I have heard that if you get even one C in the nursing program, you get kicked out of the school.
  2. by   Ebony06
    I got my rejection letter thursday from Nassau Community College. My GPA is 3.42 with all of the required courses. I am not going to give up. I will just have to take spanish over.
  3. by   veronica77
    I got my letter yesterday and was rejected for the second time too. i know how are you feeling. Is hard but we just have to reapply. We have to get in eventually. My best wishes.