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I did not stalk the mail-man. Six months ago I went to the mailbox every single day for a month and there was no letter. By the time I received a letter, I was told I was not selected for the class... Read More

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    Congratulations!!!! That is great news. Just for the record...I never stalked my mailman, I meant it as a joke:wink2: because most of us feel so anxious and excited while we are waiting.
    I know what you were meaning! :wink2: No one really stalks the mailperson. But many of us run to the mailbox everyday when we normally don't do so. And last time I used to ask other students if they received anything in the mail so in a way I was stalking their mail person too!

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    Best of luck in nursing school!!
    Thank you. :wink2:
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    Congrats!! I know how excited you must be and can't wait to feel it for myself--I am still "not stalking" the mailman. I have been leaving the windows open so I can hear when they drive by!! Best wishes to you!
    Thank you. Good luck to you too!! :wink2:
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    Congratulations! :groupwelcome: of Nursing Students!
    Thsnk you. :wink2:
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    Thank you! :wink2:
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    Congratulations!! Best of luck to you!
    Thank you! Good luck with the completion of your BSN! :wink2:
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    Congratulations!!! I'm very happy for you!! Best wishes!! Only a couple of months until your start date!! Woohoo!!!
    Thank you very much and good luck to you too! :wink2:
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    Thank you! :wink2:
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    Best wishes on your new adventure...
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    Oh Congratulations, I know that this was absolutely killing you. Its funny how us second rounders never expect the letter and when we get it, its that much sweeter.
    Thank you!

    I actually blocked it out of my head for the most part since I technically had to wait 6 months (10 if you start from the beginning of the application cycle). However once in a while I was reminded or had to answer a question that jarred my memory. On those occasions the wait seemed crazy. :uhoh21:

    I agree with you, I did not think I would make it since the odds were still bad as the last time. So yes, it is much sweeter because it was well earned!!! I know I will go through a million emotions between now and January, but I doubt any of them will be that my acceptance into this program is no big deal. I know a few students who got into the class that started Fall 2006 and had this attitude within days of being accepted.

    They mainly had a bad attitude because they were accepted their first time trying. Plus they assumed that those who did get accepted were not good students. This was true about some students but not about all of us!
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    Quote from TexasAngel
    Congratulations!!! That is great.
    Thank you!! You will do fine too! Keep up the good work! It is all about maxing out points if you attend a school without wait lists! :wink2:
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    Quote from Gr8ful C
    That is so awesome - it must be such a relief!
    Can't wait for my turn!!!
    Thank you. Yes, it is a great relief. Especially since some people look at you strange and don't take your effort seriously when you tell them you are "trying to get into nursing school". Now I can say, "I am in nursing school" or "I am a student nurse".

    Your time is coming if you don't give up! Good luck to you!!! :wink2:
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    Congrats!! Write yourself a note describing how excited and happy you are now so that you can read it during a particularly trying moment in school. Good luck!
    Thank you!! I am framing my acceptance letter and hanging it on the wall near my PC. The note suggestion is a very good idea too!

    I know my journey is going to be long and arduous. So, putting a post-it in my wallet, PDA, laptop, and inside books I have to lug around as a reminder should help me. Especially when I have to live through some of the bad days ahead! :wink2:
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    Best wishes on your new adventure...
    Thank you very much! I will work very hard to join your ranks!