I am in!

  1. I got my letter today FINALLY and yipppeeee I got accepted! The relief and excitement I feel is just incredible!
    Of course we are getting a foot of snow tonight and so going out to celebrate wont be easy but I'm sure going to try!!

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    Good job!!!!!! . I am really happy for you.

    Go out and celebrate!!!
  5. by   Bree124
    Way to go!! It is a great feeling. I know you worked hard to get it!
  6. by   will18
    congratulations to a future nurse to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. by   Hoping4RNin2010
    Thank you!! I did work my butt off and at least now it feels like it is being rewarded! I cant wait for the fall!(more than a foot of snow overnight and I'm wishing to skip right over summer?! lol)
  9. by   Hotflashn
    Congrats! So many posts of acceptance the last few days. Cool.
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    2 U
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    THAT ROCKS, CONGRATS. I myself am waiting and it will be about mid April before I know.
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    It is a huge huge relief! At my school, the first wave of letters that went out were rejection letters, and there were only a handful of people that I knew that didn't get one. 2 weeks later I got my acceptance letter and I expected to go to class and have a everyone else that didn't get a rejection letter to say yup got mine too! But they didn't. I have only heard of 2 other people so far that have been accepted. (one I don't even know and the other is in one of my classes). So for all those other poor folks in limbo it must be horrible. I am so nervous for them! There must have been a definite NO list a definite YES list and a bunch in the middle that need further review list or something.
    Thank God I already got my letter or I probably would have had a nervous breakdown knowing some had already gotten accepted...

  14. by   valkyria
    congratulations and welcome to a family that is worldwide. this is like no other family you can imagine and the feeling you have inside now, that is just the beginning of the roller coaster of feelings that lie ahead for you on this amazing journey that holds mystery, wonder, pain and suprise for you. pain that you learn from and remember without regret and you grow beyond what you thought you ever could. suprise at what you could do and what you could affect and how others would respond. here you always have unconditional support and acceptance. nothing is perfect but even in that, there is opportunity for change. never give up,not on yourself and not on nursing. celebrate!