I am having a hard time studying the tissues for A&P is there another way?

  1. Ok so this is my first time taking A&P and my gawd my brain is already fried. Anyways for the life of me I can't figure out a way to remember the tissues, function etc. I am having such a hard time. . Is there another way to this or do i just need study hard? My last test was a 95 and I love this class but this chapter is giving me a hard time. Are there any tips??
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  3. by   Kitiger
    If you like to color, the "Anatomy Coloring Book" by Wynn Kapit/Lawrence M. Elson is an excellent resource.
  4. by   Calalilynurse
    Make flashcards either on notecards or electronic. you can upload pictures to quizlet if you have the paid versions. If the tissues are on ppt slides I used to photocopy them and study them every night. Go to open lab or supplemental instruction or whatever resources your school has available. We also used a.d.a.m. with our anatomy book. Khan academy has a lot of free resources with videos. Ask your classmates what helps them.
  5. by   idkmybffjill
    Flashcards will help, and there should be several sets already made up that will show you pictures of various tissues, in case you have to recognize tissues by tissue slides.

    Try to rationalize what info you can based on your current knowledge. (At least in my class, tissues were fairly early on--before learning action potentials, etc--so it may be a bit hard to do for everything.) Why would certain structures help the function of the tissue? How does that function help the organ they make up?

    I would suggest maybe coming back to the tissues later on as you go over systems that use those types of tissues. A lot of the structural components that you go over do inform how other systems function, so it's always nice to really be able to connect everything if your textbook doesn't refer back to that.
  6. by   QuietIsntAWord
    Have you tried youtube videos? I remember when I was having a hard time wrapping my head around a concept I always could find a video that at least made it a little easier to understand. Just keep in mind that not all videos are credible, definitely compare it with your A&P books
  7. by   Scientwist
    Yes, ^^ CrashCourse AP on Youtube was a lifesaver for me. Also, the lab manuals tend to give a more simple and straightforward run down on tissues.

    The way I studied--seperated the type (Muscle, epithelial, connective...etc) and for each subcategory list 1) location 2) function 3) characteristics.

    Tissue: Epithelial
    Subcategory: psuedostratified columnar epithelium
    Location: Upper respirtory tract and trachea
    Function: secretes and moves mucous
    Special characteristics: cilia

    Having a flash card or a study guide like this really helped me study
  8. by   lovenurses2016
    Thank you guys so much i scored a 92 on my test....