How Will you pass the time waiting to take nursing courses

  1. Hey guys today was my first day in my pre-nursing course at the technical college I go to,you earn your "pre nursing certificate " to qualify to get on the waiting list to get into nursing classes.
    The classes are
    Medical Terminology
    A&P 1,A&P 2,College Skills,
    Eng 101 Mat 101,Basic Nursing Concepts,
    Psychology 201
    I'am taking 5 courses this term and if no repeats,I will only need to take both
    A&P'S and Medical Terminology, to qualify for nursing.I'am hearing horror stories about the waiting list taking as long as 5 years! Some students say they have an estimated start date for 2006.( And they are only one or two semesters ahead of me.)Since I'am not employed and can dive full time into this program other students who can only take one or two courses, takes them longer just to get the pre nursing.My question is, is anyone else in this situation?After completing pre nursing having a lot of time to kill while waiting?I fiqured I would take some extra psy that looks interesting,and advance english just for fun......then I think save the brain power for my nursing classes WHENEVER I get in.What would you guys do?Cause in all honesty if it takes too long I will end up sadly picking another major....I understand why nursing programs have long list but anything over 18 months to two years is a bit much IMO ps I already am a state certified nursing assit(since 92) and have no interest in doing that while waiting lol
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  3. by   akcarmean
    How far are you wanting to go in nursing?




    It depends on how high you want to go. If you are going higher there are other classes that can be taken now. You just need to do some research and talk to your counslor and see what they have to offer.

  4. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    I am taking A&P1 starting Jan 18th. I have to make an A in that in order to apply for my nursing program, because I have to have a 3.77 GPA. I will have at least 2 summer semesters, and 1 fall semester of free time, even if I make it right into the program. (I wouldn't start until Jan 06)

    So, for the summer courses, I plan on taking A&P 2 and Micro, and for the Fall semester, I plan on taking DEV PSYCH.

    That way, I will have ALL of my non-nursing courses out of the way before I start the nursing program.

    Good luck to you.
  5. by   lpn2006
    Thanks for responding.I would like to be on the list for RN but shoot I'll take anything smoking just to get going! lol The classes I take now are all pre classes for either the LPN or ADN programs the school is offering.The only thing that the ADN program has that the LPN program doesnt have that I would be able to take is Micro. So basically the classes I 'am taking has me prepared for either one.So
    frustrating to know that after I finish the pre stuff there is nothing else I CAN take.Advisors are saying some pre nursing folks are taking accounting classes etc I was like I don't want to be no d*** accountant! lol I don't want to waste the time and energy or money lol I guess that is how a lot of people get moved up the list .Folks get tired of waiting and start on another major while waiting and just end up going on with a new career. The advance psych classes all look good and advance english classes are always good..... science... but I wouldnt take a lot of those hard science classes and be stressed and don't even need them for the nursing program..... would just be taking them to pass the time ..... Maybe I'll look into pharmacy tech for back up.......just in case.....some of the classes I'am taking now will transfer......Take care all.... I'll keep everybody posted!
  6. by   ayndim
    Our wait time can be from none to a year. It is a lottery system. If I have to wait I am doing -- NOTHING AT ALL. I will however take patho over the summer. But to be honest after all of the classes and the pending brain explosion I plan to read naughty novels, sew, play with the kids and take long baths.
  7. by   PhoenixGirl
    My program starts in a few weeks and I've been waiting 9 months. I just have been doing prereqs along the way. I am doing the first year (and I can get my LPN) and then I have 2 prereqs left and I can do the second year and get my RN.

    I hear some people get their CNAs (that's actually a prereq for the nursing program in my county) to work while they are waiting to get into nursing school, that is a thought.

    Honestly, I hear all these stories about people waiting for so long, or not knowing when they can get into nursing school, and I'm so darn thankful I live in a city where the wait is not that long. Good luck.

  8. by   Achoo!
    I am waiting at the moment, so this semester I am helping out in A&P II. At least I can keep the info fresh in my head that way. Next semester I'll work more and try to put a little money away.
  9. by   soontobeamalenurseRn
    I am sitting on the list right now taking my nursing across the life span 1 and nutrition and diet therapy and then all i have left are clinicals and pharmocolgies but i am like you im runing out of stuff to take so im taking some computers courses .
  10. by   lpn2006
    Thanks guys for all of your responses so far.I still have'nt decided what I will do after the summer semester.May take A Real Estate sales course,if I have to be sitting, I may as well be sitting at a real estate office and may luck up and sell a house....or two lol Any who good luck to all. Let's focus and get good grades this Spring! we all can and will do it. malenursetobeRN May I ask where you live?I'am in South Carolina and those classes are EXCATLY what I can take next! Taking computer classes?That sounds good to me.....I might try a few myself we can never learn too much about them lol Just so much we can all do to pass the time my head is spinning!Take care all....
  11. by   Califlower
    We had a lottery system going on here (SoCal) and I applied 4 times before receiving an acceptance!! Now that's crazy -- especially since some of my classmates got in on their first try. I passed the time by taking a lot of classes -- further enhancing study skills and getting myself into the habit of studying. I also worked a lot, to save a lot of money -- there's a lot to do to continue to prepare yourself for nursing. A&P are not the only things! Read, keep up with the news, spend time with family, volunteer at hospitals (or whatever), run a 5K, take another language class, learn an instrument, write the American novel, etc..
  12. by   Plagueis
    I'm taking some non-science prereqs while waiting, since I have unable to even get into Anatomy 1, which fills up quickly. My school requires English Comp 101, Psychology, Sociology, and Anatomy 1 before students can get into the nursing program. I am also taking liberal arts classes so that I have plenty of credit to transfer if I ever go for a bachelor degree. (I'm at an associate degree college.) I am also going to take Anatomy 2 and Microbiology before the nursing program starts so that I can concentrate on nursing only. I am just hoping that there will be an opening for Anatomy 1 next fall. I am also going to try to save some money for nursing school in the meantime, so that I don't have to borrow any.